Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial weekend

I know I just downloaded a ton of pictures but I couldn't just pick a few. We had so much fun this weekend. Our friends Tyson and Jennie came up from Bountiful, which meant Jason and Meegan hung out all weekend. Six adults and four children raided our house for the weekend, it was great to have people around, and Kooper was in little boy heaven. Every night the Adults put the kids to bed and made a fire in our new fire pit. The kids played in the backyard and the adults played games and we all went to the New Rexburg splash park. I love to host and have freinds over but I was so tired by monday evening. I still feel ike I could sleep a week.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Snow pictures

No more snow...

Blogger for some reason won't let me upload pictures so I will try again later.

Yep it snowed here today, I woke up to a mini blizzard outside. This is just craziness, I am so sick of snow. every year it does this in Rexburg. you think that winter is over and spring is here and you wake up one morning in May or June to snow.

Kooper wants to be a big boy so bad. He wants to sit at the table and feed himself and if he can't then he throws a fit. So I have taken away the high chair at work and he just sits at the little table and he loves it. The chairs are just a little too big for him to climb up but he can hop down when he is done. he gets so exctied to do things all by himself. Like when he climbs on our bed or on the couch with out our help he giggles, and gets so excited.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Gardening, Poop, and Nursery...

Mike and I have been outside defining the flower beds and pulling weedes all weekend. Kooper has been running around in our new grass. Saturday night Mike and I where on the side yard weeding and Kooper was in the driveway following our little 4 years old neighbor. Mike went over to go check on Kooper, and could see the other little boy walking with his pants around his ankles. The little boys says to Kooper, " Watch out don't step in the poop Kooper. " HA HA Mike walks a little closer to see the little boy had pooped on the sidewalk and Kooper and stepped on it. Our neighbors were so embarassed, we just laughed.
Sunday Morning I got a new calling of Primary Teacher. I am still not sure which age yet because it is a new ward and nothing is really set up yet. I was set a part on Sunday, so hopefully I will have more infomation this week. The funny thing is everyone on my street is a primary teacher. It's like they picked a block and called them all to primary. I am so exctied to be working with the little kids again. I love Relief Society but I hate calling people to see if they did their Visiting Teaching. Sounds easy right, but if I had to call one more person I was going to Poke my eyes out. So what I am trying to say is I am much happier. Of course Mike dosen't have a calling yet, which means he has to go to sunday school al by himself which he isn't very happy about. He always gets off easy with calling like Young mens basketball coach. I doubt he gets that calling again because I don't even thiink we have enough young men to make a team.
Kooper is actually only 17 months but we still snuck Kooper into Nursery early. He is so restless when he has to come to sunday school with us. He did so good at nursery we figured it wouldn't hurt anything. The nursery leaders said he did great but when it came to singing time he had no idea what was going on. We figured no one would no the difference if we brought him early considering all the chaos from a new ward and the fact that we have three nurseries. I have to admit it was a nice but a little different to be able to listen to the lesson and not have to chase Kooper all over the gym.

Friday, May 18, 2007

I love my Neighborhood...

My dream for moving into a house was that Kooper would be able to play out side with friends in our yard. Now that our yard is finally growing in, Kooper loves to play outside everyday after work with our neighbors little boys who are around Koopers age. My neighborhood is mostly young couples with small children I love it.
Our back yard is next to field of weeds so of course our yard is over flowing with weeds. Mike and I have spent everyday after work this week outside pulling weeds. Now that we almost have them all our yard looks so great. We still have so much work and it is overwhelming. I have been reminded why I love Mike so much, he is such a hard worker. He works for hours on a project until it is complete. I am always amazed at how much time and effort he puts into projects, he is such a perfectionist, He gets this from his Mother. Hopefully Kooper turns out just like him.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Orleans

Last week I had a work conference in New Orleans. Mike did not want me to go there all by myself so he flew down with me. We had an amazing hotel right in the French Quarters. Mike spent his days at the roof top pool sleeping and swimming while I worked. We ate so much good food that we both came back packing a few pounds. Mike did a little Karaoke, he was so funny. My favorite thing was the famous Cafe Du Monde and the Beignets, MMMM. We brought Kooper back some beads with little monkies on them... I guess he wasn't to happy. Kooper spent the week in Salt Lake with Grandma and Grandpa. I felt so bad he was teething and pretty fussy all week.

New Blog

I can not for the life of me sign on to my old blog. I'm not sure what happened. I was forced to start a new blog. I don't know why I have so many problems with blogs because this is the third blog I have started. Wish me luck with this one.