Friday, June 29, 2007

New Patio

Hopefully I will come back from this weekend with new pictures of my patio and extended driveway. This weekend we prep and on monday we pour our new patio and what we are calling our basketball court which will just be an extension off of our driveway. I also bought two large black pots for my porch a few weeks ago, so I plan on planting flower. I also bought a wood bench that I am painting a bright red also for my front porch. We have a lot going on this weekend so I hope I have time to finish everything. I just want my yard to be done. As much as I love work on it, I am looking forward to the end result and being able to enjoy it.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ta Da... Washington D.C.

Just giving the soldiers kisses

Vietnam Memorial

World War 2 Memorial

Reflection Pool

Lincoln Memorial

We had an amazing time in Washington D.C. The last day of our conference got out at noon so we had all day to go site seeing. While we were eatting lunch the nicest little old lady gave us each tickets to ride on an open top tour bus. Woot Woot! the only down side was being wacked in the face with branches around the city. Meegan had a nice sized welt on her face within the first few minutes. Meegan and I have been to Washignton D.C. two years ago and have seen most of the memorials, so we only got off the bus to take pictures at the more interesting places. My favorite stop was Arlington Cemetery, we watch the changing of the guards, and saw the unknown soldiers graves. My other favorite stop was the holocaust museum. This was the best trip to Washington because We had seen most of the city so we knew right where we wanted to go and where we could skip.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More Baseball...

Kooper was too funny yesterdy, He just kept taking his hat off and putting it back on. It was really windy yesterday so he played ball in the garage. He was so cute when he was playing ball that I had to take a picture.
Annette took a ton of pictures of Kooper this week and we forgot to get them fro her so I could post a few. On that same note we used Meegan camera to take most of our pictures in D.C. so I don't have any to post yet. We had a wonderful time In Washignton D.C. , we saw all the memorials and had a great conference.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Washington D.C.

No more blogging for a while. I'm leaving for Washington D.C. on Sunday. I have a work training all next week. Kooper will be staying with his Grandma Annette in Salt Lake City. Hopefully I will come home with lots of fun pictures.

Since I will be leaving Mike on Fathers day, I guess I had better give a little Fathers Day shout out to Mike, my dad Rodger, and my father-in-law John. HAPPY FATHERS DAY! I love each one of you thanks for being so great.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

A few Favorites...

To get Kopoer to stop for two seconds to take a picture we kept saying "touch down"I just had to post a couple more pictures of Kooper. With so many good ones it is hard for me to pick which ones I want to print.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Me and My favorite boy

Kooper loves his bat and always wants Mike and I to hold the ball so he can hit it out of our hands. Only a few times of us getting wacked with the bat and we decided Kooper needed a tee. He loves his new tee everytime we put the ball on the tee he has to hit it off immediatly even if he has no bat in hand. yesterday while I worked on our yard Kooper spent hours puting the ball on the tee and then hitting it off. He has moved from basketball to baseball it's like he know the seasons. maybe he jsut wants to play whatever dad is watching on T.V.

Monday, June 11, 2007


It was about time to take some more photos and Meegan was up forthe challenge. Kooper was running all over so I was amazed that Meegan could capture some great pictures.
I love the saying, " There is only one cute kid in the world an every mother has it." Why is my kid so stinkin' adorable, he must get it from his father.
For more adorable pictures go to Meegan Littlefield Photography link.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I was tagged by Jennie.

I am supposed to tell eight things about myself or eight things I love...

1- I love my family, my hardworking husband Mike and, my always entertaining son Kooper.

2- I love my house, I love decorating it, and I love having a place to entertain, as well as a large enough place for people to come and visit us.

3- I love to garden, I love my yard. I am sure I get this from my grandpa and father, they always had amazing yards. I could spend all day working out in my yard. I get sad when it's cold or raining and we have to stay inside.

4-I love to work out. Nothing makes me feel better about myself and gives me more energy. My favorite workout is Yoga it is so relaxing and such a good workout. I love to be sore the next day nothing beats that.

5-I love to travel. I do not love the actutal flight and waiting in airports, but I love to go somewhere new. I love work trips as well as going anywhere with Mike, Mexcio, New York, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, or even home to Washignton.

6-I love warm Weather. I am cursed with always being cold, which includes goosebumps constantly. I love to be anywhere warm, Which would explain why I love to travel, I am just trying to get away from the cold weather in Rexburg. I am so cold all the time that I sit with a heater under my desk at work year round.

7-I love to shop. I have once been told that I am addicted to shopping. I don't even have to buy anything I just like to be in a store. Of course it's much more fun if I buy something.

8-I love old movies. This would include all musicals, black and white movies , and anything with a great love story. I would watch an old movie before a new one any day.

Now I am tagging Rochelle and Chauntel. You had better do it.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Koopers new car

Kooper needed a fun toy to play with outside while Mike and I worked on the yard. He loves his new little car. He can't go forward yet but he can get in and out, honk the horn, and turn the wheel.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Kooper has just started folding his arms for prayers. We say time for prayers fold your arms and he folds his arms and bows his head. Mike and I laugh everytime so it messes him up. It just proves he is watching us and following everything we do. It is a little scary and reminds me I need to be doing better.