Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dallas here we come...

Nothing new fun or exciting has happened the past two weeks. I am planning a trip to Dallas with Kooper to see my sister Chauntel and her family. I am so excited to see her new home and let Kooper play with his cousins. Hopefully I will come home with lots of new pictures.

Oh almost forgot our brand new Camry has bad gas at the moment so it's not working properly I am so frustrated that something could go wrong with our new car that is not covered under warrenty. The reason for us leasing a new car, and the I might add Motor Trends car of the year was to not pump money into it. Urggg! The car has a frighteningly scary delay, when the car gets going it's fine, it's just the getting it going part thats a problem. The dealership told us to drive the car until it runs out of gas, or pay to have the gas pumped out. Mike plans on driving it until the gas is gone. So now I will only be filling up at the Chevron in town.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Twenty Nine

Mike turned 29 on Saturday! I posted the funniest pictures that were taken. Mike has pictures of every year with his birthday cake, at what point is he too old to have a picture taken with cake... never right?

Friday, August 17, 2007

chop it off

Awwww I have no hair... just kidding I love it. I think it will take a little getting used to. My sister in Law Nikki did my hair I went dark and short... so fun.

Mikes birthday gift...

Mike and I had a Kooper free day we went out to dinner and then went to a 311 concert which is one of Mikes favorite bands, and then got a hotel for the evening in Salt Lake. Saturday is Mike's 29th B-Day. So Happy early Birthday to him. We went with our friend Tyson and Jennie so I had to add a cute pic from the concert.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Master Bed Room

Koopers armoire had glue all over it and so Meegans talented husband Jason made a cute basball to cover the glue. Kooper new theme for his room is sports.

This is Koops new T.V. which he continually watched cars on saturday while I shampooed the carpets.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Red Bench

I have always wanted a red bench so about two months or so ago I bought a bench and red paint. I have been continuously working on this bench the whole time, or you could say continuously not working on the bench the whole time. It wasen't too much work I just always start projects and have a hard time finishing them. I am finally done and I think it turned out great. Mike is happy because he can finally clean our garage which was in much need of cleaning.
I am having a hard time finding a tray to go under my square pots, which in return is causing major water spots on my porch. One of my pots is dying and the other is over flowing. After the picture we switched the pots so the pretty one is by the door. It has taken me all summer but I finally have my front porch done.
I feel like the weather is already starting to get cooler here. At night it is starting to get pretty chilly. This summer is going by way to fast, but I look forward to the fall and holidays.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Only a bride never a bridesmaid...

Until Now. I went home last weekend and was a little late for Meghans Bridal Shower luckily I made it by the end and was able to give her, her sexy gift. She asked me to be a bridesmaid that night and said she had a dress for if I made it home for her wedding. So the next day I was braidesmaid at the ring Ceremony, (His family is not LDS) and stood in a line a little at the reception. Anyways I always wanted to be a bridesmaid and now I have fullfilled my dream. Check that off my list.

Bear Lake 2007

Kooper learned to say cars this week and constantly wants to drive our car. He wacthed the movies car the whole way up and back from Bear Lake, and for the first time didn't cry when we put him in his car seat.
Mike and Kooper on the jet ski. No worries when Mike took him for a real ride he had a life jacket on. Grandma and Koop playing in the sand.

Aunt Pat and Tracey gave the kids candy and Kooper loved his blue push pop.

Mike pushing Kooper down the big Slide at Raspberry days

Brock and Kooper going on the big slide. Brock looks more scared than Kooper. Kooper loved Brock this week and learned to say his name. He would yell a jumbled mess and than say Brock. Guess you had to be there it was pretty funny.

Kooper wanted his floaties on and was trying to blow them up himself.

Leaving Bear Lake Kooper was out with in minutes getting inthe car.

We left on Monday and came back on Friday. For the most part the weather was decent. It rained a couple days and was cloudy. We still got some great tans from laying out on the Island Annette bought. We spentmost of our time on the floating Island and even had our lunch brought out to us. The girls and a few boys went to Pickelville Playhouse and watched "The Little Shop of Horrors". Mike went golfing a couple days with the guys. Most of he time was spent laying on the beach or the Island it was great.