Thursday, September 20, 2007


I have a great tape by Yoga fit I use to work out at home. When I was done I was picking up my mat and ball , and Kooper starting crying so I laid the mat back out and gave him he ball as he tried to do his own version on Yoga. He was so funny, he is going to be my little Yoga boy.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Riot Zone

Friday night Mike, Kooper, and I went out to sushi with our good friends the Littlefields. They had the great idea of going to the Riot Zone, I was a little skeptical that it might be too expensive. Riot Zone is located in Rigby and has a huge blow up toy area, mini golf, corn maze, go karts, bumper boats, etc. We drove out to rigby to see if we could afford to entertained by the Riot Zone for a night. It was $4.50 for an all day pass in the blow up toy area for Kooper.
they have about twelve different blow up toys to play on. Kooper had such a good time and the price was just right. We even splurged and went on the Go Karts, Kooper went with Mike and loved it. Kooper cried, and cried when we had to leave. I am sad we figured this place out right when it is starting to get cold, I am sure we will be back before they close for the winter.

Binki update: Kooper is doing great without his binki, he cries a little when we put him to bed. Somehow he keeps finding these random binkis and I will catch him sucking the life out of it. I think I have finally found them all, lets hope. Mike thinks I am so mean to take away his binki. I am glad I cut the heads off the binkis because I am sure Mike would give it to him if he found one not decapitated.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No more Binki

Chopped the heads off the binkis
I always said I would take away the binki before he was 2 now I realize just how old that is. When we go out stranger are always taking his binki out of his mouth and saying oh you don't need that. I don't want to knock the binki every kid and parent is different, we are probably a little past due but no harm done. So this is the official first week of no Binki. I cut the tops off his binkis and Koop was so confused. I later found him with one of his old binkis from when he was a new born. I guess he just really wanted one and any one would work.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Do the Puyallup...Fair

Petting Zoo

Mike and Koop on the swings

Playin some music

Floatin down the river

Kooper loved the Puyallup Fair, he went on so many rides and cried everytime they made him get off. I know I have so many Pictures but I couldn't narrow it down I love them all. Mmm we had great food and loved watching Koop on every ride. The fair is so much better, and more expensive once you have a kid that can enjoy it. Kooper was technically supposed to be two to go on most of these rides, so we rounded up.

10 Year Reunion

Mike and I all dressed up for the reunion.

Mike and friends with the Spartan
Mike wanted to wave to the cars with the spartan.

Mike, Koop, and I went back to good ol' Bonney Lake for Mikes 10 year high school reunion. Mike had a great time seeing old friends. I think I could have done without spending the money to go. It was fun to meet all of Mike's old friends from high school, but I don't think he would have noticed if I hadn't gone, which was fine it was his night. Go Sumner class of 97!

Downtown Seattle

The gum wall

Pikes Place Farmers Market

Koop ridin the pig down town

On the water front

I love Seattle! We were both so excited to be back in our home state. It was beautiful weather while we were there, we would love to move back, Maybe someday.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This was Koop all weekend
The kids dancing while Jeremy played, Kooper had to have the floaties on.

Ha Ha the Logsdon kids at their finest!

Kooper had a fever and stuffy nose most of weekend so he was not himself. By the time we left he was feeling better. He still had fun playing with his cousins. I had fun visiting with Chauntel. We did some shopping for her house and got some really cute decor. They have a beautiful house, I was so impressed. The area they lived in was beautiful with these amazing houses everywhere. Thekids were so much fun, Jackson was so loving he would come and wrap his arms around me and give me a bug hug I loved it. I am glad a got a chance to go and visit chauntel and her family, hopefully next time Mike will be with me. Mike has season tickets to BYU football so him and his dad went to the game this weekend. BYU won!!!