Monday, October 29, 2007

House hunting in Cedar City

3 bed 2.5 bath almost 1400 SF
Play ground

Laundry room with built in computer desk just off kitchen

Kitchen with granite counter tops and tile floors

Living Room

Master bedroom with walk in closet and in set for TV

One of the bathrooms with granite countertops

This is the town home we really want to buy. The problem is we have to sell our home first. we found this great realestate agent who will rent us a new twin home 2 bed one bath with no lease so we can buy the townhome when we sell our home. I just hope we sell our house in Rexburg fast so we can get a good deal on one of the town homes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bone to be wild

Kooper got some new jammies from grandma Deroest. Now he is ready for October with his skeleton jammies.

Mike and I are taking a trip to Cedar City this weekend to try and find a place to live . Time is going way to fast lately, I am so excited to move and yet completely unprepared. We have a had a few people walk through our house, some sounded interested but I'm not going to get excited until we have an offer.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

4 years

These are a couple of my favorite pictures of Mike and I. I would have posted wedding pictures but I don't have any on my computer. Mike and I have been married for four years today! I love him 4 times more than I did 4 years ago, which back then I didn't think was possible to love him more. In our 4 years Mike has finished school, we have had a son, and bought a new home. We have traveled near and far, for some wonderful vacations together. We have truely been blessed in our marriage.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Kooper had to borrow a coat to play outside

Old man Schultz, wow he looks like his dad

Kooper giving his cousin Carter a hug

A few of my beautiful sisters and my mother

Grandma and some of the grand kids

This is where grandpa spent most of his time, in his bed. So we dropped the kids off to watch a movie with grandpa.
This weekend was great but I am so tired. I loved seeing my family and just visiting with them all weekend. I went home to help but I'm not sure how much help I really was I just wanted to sit and talk. It was so nice to see Rochelle, she was deffinently tired and in some kind of pain from Chemo. My dad is still down with a bad back, he can't stand up straight. I gave my sister kendall a pedicure, her feet were so swollen. She is having twins and I know that I would be a miserable person if I had twins. She seems to be handling it well. Kooper played so hard he didn't sleep very much. He didn't really nap and went to bed late and got up early. Poor kid is going to take a week to recover and catch up on sleep.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What we do while Mike is away...

Mike left Sunday for Denver to attended a training for work. Monday night he got tickets to game four of the playoffs between the Rockies and the Diamondbacks. I think it was one of the best baseball games hes been to. Last night he flew into Salt Lake and drove down to Cedar City to interview people and do a job fair, he will be there until Friday. I hate being home alone, last night I was missing my husband and a little depressed hoping we sell our house fast so I don't have to stay in Rexburg until it sells.

I am going to Washington on Friday to be with my family. Since I found out my sister Rochelle had breast cancer I have been wanting to go home and visit my family and help them any way I can. My dad has hurt his back pretty bad, so I am hoping to go and visit and help any way I can for the short amount of time I am home. I wish I could stay long or I lived closer but at least I can fly and see them. Mike will be in Salt Lake this weekend for a BYU game so I won't even get to see him until monday evening. Which is way too long to be apart.

Koopers new favorite movie is Finding Nemo, He is so cute he says "memo". I am so sick of watching it, it seriously plays at least two to three times a day. I use it as bribery to come inside when he is playing and it works everytime. I say, "Kooper come watch Nemo." He always comes running. I think he likes it more than he liked the movie Cars. He is so stinkin' cute He loves to cuddle and watch it. He gives me tons of kisses, I serously love that boy. I am relieved he has been good for me while Mike is gone because I have him constantly this week.

Monday, October 15, 2007

A B C...

I bought this a few weeks ago for Kooper. It is a Leap Frog game to learn letter sounds, They are magnetic so they stick to the fridge. It sings the ABC's and when you stick it in the frame it tells you the letter and the sound. They are so cool and Kooper loves them because they are magnetic. After thefirst day he had them, he starting singing something resembling the ABC's song.
I also included a picture of Kooper picking his nose, It is his new favorite pass time. The boy constantly has his finger up his nose. I don't know where he learned it from but I wish he would not do it constantly.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

A little about my job...

As many of you know or don't know the Faimly Crisis Center is a non profit organization, we are fully funded by grants. One of our major operating grants is the rural grant which is approximately $300,000 of our budget, including my position. This grants pays a portion of every staff member wages at the center as well as training money, portions of rent for our office, etc. My job is training volunteer advocates and public awareness. Yesterday we found out we did not recieve the grant for the first time since I believe 1999. This means as of December 1st I would have been out of a job had I not been planning on moving at this time already. Everyone who works full time is now cutting hours even if they personally can not afford it. We have no money for a 24 hour crisis line or a paid position for anyone to oversee volunteers. We are throwing around a bunch of ideas to help accomidate this major loss, including moving our office into our shelter and possible putting clients in a hotel if they need shelter. I am sure I am missing a ton of things that were fundded by this grant, needless to say it was a big loss for our agency and victims of Domesitc Violene and sexual assault in the five counties we serve. The reason we did not get the grant is due to this pot of money being opened up to a larger amount of people this year. Too many people applying for a limited amount of money. I guess this is my little rant, sometimes people who are doing good for others have roadblocks.

Monday, October 8, 2007


I feel bad I haven't even pulled out my camera in weeks. Fall is always such s a busy time for me. It snowed a ton this weekend, I can still see a little on the ground today. I should have pulled out my camera and taken some pictures. I feel like it is way too early for it to be snowing, this just makes me even more excited to move.

Flights start in Cedar City on December 15th so we will need to be down there at least by December 1st. I am so glad this just give us more time to try and sell our house. We are trying to sell it ourselves at the moment. We have had a few calls on it but no one has come through yet.

Friday evening my friend Meegan and I went to the temple to do initiatories, I am ashamed to say I had not been back to do that since I have donemy own. I am so glad I did, it was excatly what I needed right now.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's official...

We're moving! Mike got a job in Cedar City, Ut doing the same thing he does now working for Skywest and Managing the station there. We are so excited to move. We just put our house up for sale. At first they said he would start November 1st then we heard December 1st, so we are still not sure about details and when we need to be there. We have always talked about moving to St. George, I guess for now 45 mins north is good. I think we are moving at he perfect time right before winter in Rexburg. I am so sad to be leaving my friends, my job, my first house, my great ward.