Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gym and Volunteer Training....

I guess we have a new daily routine, we go to the gym every morning. When I drop Kooper off at the daycare he cries and clings to my leg. Before we leave for the gym I ask him if he wants to go play with the kids and the toys and he always says "NO". He of course does fine once I leave, Thank goodness! I have been doing pilates and abs class this week, just about every muscle in my body hurts. I convinced Mike to do the abs class today( I was too sore to go today) He was saying I was complaining too much about my muscles, Ha Ha we will see who is complaining tomorrow. I love this routine much better than getting up and going to work!

I have done the first two out of five days of the volunteer training for the Crisis Center. I am excited to be involved with the center here but the training is so general I am pretty bored. I guess I just hope this training will help me with my interview at the center next week.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Tristin...

Poor kid had things hooked up to him everywhere IV in his hand things on his chest and feet, and still hardly ever cried.

I flew up to Washington on Wednesday to be with my sister Kendall while one of her twins Tristin was in the hospital with RSV. They are just over a month old now. Luckily her other baby Gavin never got it, he was still sick and stayed with his dad all week. Tristin was released Friday and he sounded so much better then when I first got there. It was so nice to be able to fly up and visit, Kooper was in heaven with my mom doing daycare he just played with grandma and her daycare kids while I stayed at the hospital for a few hours during the day. It was a quick trip Kooper and I flew home Friday evening.
Mike signed us up for a gym membership which I am so excited about. Mike and I went and worked out this morning and Kooper went to the daycare. I think this will be perfect I can come workout in the morning and Kooper can run around and let off steam before his nap. He gets to play with other kids and get out of the house I love it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Out for a drive...

We pulled Koopers jeep out finally so he could drive it around. He has the pedal thing down now we just need to work on turning the wheel.

Our offer on our townhouse was accepted today which included new gas washer and dryer (we have currently have electric now we can sell those and get some $$$ ) and cabinets in the laundry room. It was kind of nice to get so bonus stuff out of the deal and still get it at a great price! Now I can't wait to move, Now we just have to wait to sell our house.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Zions Canyon...and a Ghost Town

Kolob Canyon
Zion Canyon

Zions Canyon

Grafton (ghost town)

Mike and I decided while at church this morning that we would go check out Zions Canyon. First we drove to Kolob which was about 15 mins from Cedar, and a part of northern Zions Canyon. Then we drove an hour to Zions. Mike and I each decided we liked Bryce canyons views much better. We did a little hike but was difficult with ice on the trails and sharp drop offs and Kooper wanting to walk the trail. We think it will be much better in the summer. Our favorite part was the 1.1 mile long tunnel through the mountain that was built in 1930. After Zions we went to Grafton a small ghost town close by. It was a town settled by Mormons in 1859. I thought it was great and loved reading the history, I don't think Mike was as impressed as I was. I think he was expecting an old western Ghost town like in a movie. It had about 4 buildings left and an old cemetery.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bryce Canyon

We drove over to Bryce Canyon today it is about an hour and half drive from Cedar City. I guess we really didn't know what to expect we just wanted to see what the hype was about, but the drive was worth it. The canyon was so beautiful, we were very impressed. The sheriff who pulled us over, and gave us a ticket for speeding on the way up, said that Zions Canyon was even better than Bryce this time of year. We bought a season pass to all the canyons so I am sure we will be taking a trip to zions sometime soon. I must be seriously out of shape becuase I am exhausted after the driving and easy hiking we did today. Kooper loved being outside and running around, he just passed out as soon as we got in the car.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Townhome and Work

Mike and I put an offer on a townhome today, our house should be sold and closing February 15th. We decided to go for the original townhomes we liked when we came to visit Cedar City a few months ago. They are close to the new hospital here, and very similar floor plan to the one we are renting currently. The only down side to that is we have to move again in a month or so. I am really not excited to move again, but I love the townhome we picked and it is a great price, not to mention the interest rates are great. Which should make it a great time to buy. I am taking the Canyon Creek Womens Crisis Center volunteer training in two weeks. I also have an interview at the Crisis Center I am hoping that taking the training will increase my chances of getting the job. It is a part time nights and weekends job so Kooper would not have to go to day care. I am loving staying home for the time being, but am also excited for a chance to go and meet some new people. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The view

This is the view from my "back yard" if you want to call it that. It was beautiful out today and poor Kooper is going crazy not being able to run around which in return is driving me crazy, So it was 45 degrees and sunny and Kooper and I played outside in our little shell of a "back yard". We are so close to the mountains here it is great, notice the red rock mixed in the mountain. We were a little shocked to find that while driving around lately the neighborhoods closest to us are not nice at all, there are a ton of apartments which are at least 20-30 years old and even older homes. The newest thing over here by the mountain is our townhomes and some nice twin homes.
I can honestly say our new ward is the smallest ward I have ever been in. It consists of people over 80 and a few younger couples that are in our townhomes. The few younger people we have are all in primary. I'm sure I will grow to love this ward, it is just polar opposite from our last ward.

Monday, January 14, 2008


This is Koopers new potty training chair. We debated about doing a little chair for him but I really did not want to clean it out so we opted for the baseball cover for the chair and a little stool. This morning he woke up and before his bath he got up and down from the potty like 30 times without ever going. He would climb up and then say " ok all done" and climb back down. He has done so well today with only two accidents.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

baby Kooper

These are a few of my favorite baby pictures of Kooper taken a week or so after he was born. As we were moving I came across Koopers baby announcement and this adoarble last picture with him by Mikes ear. I wanted to post these on Koopers birthday but I have been a little unorganized lately. So I am posting them now He has changed so much I barely see him in these photos. He came out with this great fuzz head hair and then was sadly bald for at least a year after so I am so glad I have these great photos to remind me. I love this kid.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy second birthday Koop!

New baseball toy from grandpa and grandma DeRoest

New veggie tails movie that he was so excited and distracted by that he could not get excited about the rest of his gifts. I had to get him a new veggie tails movie because I was so sick of litsening to the same ones over and over.

Ice cream cake because ice cream is his favorite and he won't touch real cake.
We went out to dinner at McDonalds for his birthday dinner and let him play on the toys, then we came home and had ice cream cake and opened gifts.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Our townhouse

The back yard
The enrty and staircase


the living room with a few boxes still unpacked

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Kooper sleeping in his new big boy bed. He has adjusted so well to sleeping in a bed. He loves it and never puts up a fight when it's bed or nap time. Koopers room is by far my favorite room in the house I love all the bright colors.

This is an old picture from Christmas I forgot to post. grandpa and Kooper. Kooper is wearing his new hat that he wears every day he loves it.