Monday, March 31, 2008

Hair Cut

Grandma was letting him feel the clippers so he wouldn't be afraid of them. The mop on his head pre haircut
He was not happy! He did really well, but was not excited about the clippers.
My cute boy!

I had the hardest time getting him to pose for a picture and to smile. This was the best I got.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Reading and playing outside...

This is what we did seriously all day, we played outside. OK my kid looks like an orphan I think it is about time we cut his hair.

Kooper is obsessed with his books he wants us to read to him at least 3 times a day. We had all of his books packed away until we moved in here and he thinks it's christmas.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy day after Easter!

Kooper checking out the cool easter eggs

Mike and I decided to wait until the day after Easter to buy Easter stuff, since Kooper doesn't know any different. I felt like a bad parent so I bought 8 eggs and filled them with candy on Easter. Then today after the gym we stopped by Wal mart and scored tons of half of Easter candy. Kooper picked out his own Easter basket.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Koopers Little Room...

Koopers room is so small but some how we managed to fit all his furniture in this little room. I have been waiting for months to put up this quote, I saw it at bear lake last year and had it made forever ago. I didn't want to hang it until we were in a place we would stay for a while so finally the quote goes up.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

St George...

I had to go and pick Mike up from the airport in St. George the other day. The airport is located on a bluff which over looks the city, so we got out and took a couple pictures. All the trees were pretty dead so I am sure this view would be better in the summer. The top picture you can see the St. george temple in the background. Mike has a nasty stashe right now for Mustashe March, so he was showing it off for everyone to see. A couple people from his work said they would all gorw a mustashe so Mike felt he had to. I think it is so disgusting, and will not kiss him until he shaves it.
I wanted to take a picture of Koopers room to post but last night at 1:30am he decided to take off his diaper and pee the bed so I am washing all of his bedding. I am getting so frustrated with him taking his diaper off, he takes it off at least once a day. I really need to try potty training again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More rooms done...

Guest bath upstairs
Master Bath, it has a shower but it didn't come with a door, so for now we hung a curtain.

I love the built in shelf for a T.V. and my walk in closet.

I also love the size of my master bedroom it is lots bigger than our mater bedroom in Idaho.
Our living room is still a disater area, I am working a lot this week and Mike is going to Salt Lake tomorrow, so we just can't seem to get everything put away in the frontroom. Hopefully once he gets home from work today I will put him to work again so we can get that room finished.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Moved in...

My little half bath downstairs

My favorite thing about my kitchen, the black inset double sink, with brushed faucet.

Not a lot of cabinets but I should be used to the small kitchens by now. Granite couters and tile floors. All gas appliances, by the way Mike and I are in love with cooking on a gas stove.

I didn't take a picture but we have double doors leading to the patio right by the table, another one of my favorite things is the doors have the blinds built in to the glass. I love it.

laundry room just off the kitchen. It has this little desk which we are using for our laptop, which is so nice the laptop stuff is not all over our table! Notice our incredibly cheap dryer that the builders provided, that takes three times through the cycle to dry all the clothes. Our washer was nicer than the one they provided so we swaped them out. The new dryer is gas and our old one was electric, too bad.

I will have to post more picture as I get more rooms cleaned and organized. I am absolutely in love with my new townhome. I love the inside of this place so much more than our house in Idaho. I of course miss my yard and garage, but they have a really nice playground close, which is nicer than our backyard, besides we don't have to mow!

Friday, March 14, 2008


We finally signed papers on our new place yesterday, with a few problems such as SURPRISE the interest rate was a little higher than they quoted us. I guess that lower rate was only locked in until Monday. This would have been fine but we have been pushed back like 7 times. It was just kind of one thing after another. So to compensate not sure how it all works but the lenders are paying our HOA fees for like 9 months or so. At least it is finally over and we can move in this weekend!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Future Skywest Ramper

Kooper did so good at the gym today he never cried and even fussed a little when we had to leave, Probably because they were playing with bubbles. I was so happy to not have him freak out that we went to go see dad at the airport for fun. Mike put Kooper in full ramper gear, it is really dark and hard to see but it was so cute. then he ran around the airport with the vest and wands. I even got a picture of my incredibly sexy husband in his office pretending to be hard at work.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

moving... Maybe?

For a week I have been wanting to say we are the proud new owners of a townhome. Last Wednesday we were supposed to sign papers, then friday none of those days worked out so now it's supposed to be Monday. I hope everthing is ready to go tomorrow. Kooper and I showed up a little early to our walk through on Friday and played at the playground. Kooper had so much fun I can't wait to move so he will have somewhere close to play. Hopefully this week we will really be moving into #32.