Saturday, April 26, 2008

IN N' OUT...

St. George just got an In n' Out Burger. Mike is so happy he has been talking about it since he first heard the news. This is by far Mikes favorite place to eat. He used to have a In n' Out sticker on his car (no really he did). I am pretty sure that he would, if he could, drive to Vegas just to eat there and then drive home and be completely happy. When we are in Vegas he wants to eat there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He loves the double double animal style for all you In N' Out burger fans who know what I mean. So we just had to go today for dinner. This is a picture of Mike enjoying his double double animal style with fries, lemonade, and the special Spread, which is pretty much just fry sauce.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My naked cowboy...

Kooper was playing in my closet while I was getting ready this morning and he came into the bathroom with a big smile wearing my boots.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things that make me truly happy...

- A body hug from Kooper, a hug where he wraps his arms and legs around me.
- Laying in bed all morning with Kooper.
- When Mike does things like cleaning, or changing Kooper just because he knows I need help.
- Being able to eat lunch with Mike everyday.
- Being organized.
- A good workout that leaves me a sweaty mess. Gross I know but I always feel good afterwards.
- Having a clean house!
- Having nothing on my TO DO list, is that even possible?
- Yoga, don't know why it just makes me so relaxed and happy.
- Being tan, Not orange just a nice golden glow.
- Being surrounded by family, or good friends.
- Going on vacation!
- Hearing Kooper say prayers, makes me laugh and happy he is learning such an important thing at age two.

Monday, April 21, 2008

New furniture...

Kooper loves tha camera, he saw I was taking pictures and he wanted in on the action. He didn't pee his pants he just spilled his drink, because peeing his pants would mean he is wearing underwear and he is not.
We ordered a new recliner and coffee table set a few weeks ago and they finally came in this weekend so we went down to St. George to pick them up. As you can imagine our living room was pretty bare before with just a sofa and entertainment center. Now the problem is everything is so black and dark so now I have to find a way to lighten the room up. Maybe light pillow, lighter curtains, white throw blanket, It might take some time for me to get it right but now that the expensive stuff like furniture is here I can add little things.

Mike and I both love the new recliner, we debated about buying a cheaper recliner or the one that matches our sofa. I won and we bought the one that matches the sofa. It's so comfortable!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Short trip and ready for summer...

Kooper and I flew back to Washington for a few days to play with my family. I wish I could have stayed longer but I will be back in a couple weeks for my little sisters wedding. I regret I didn't take very many pictures, but I did get a cute picture of Kooper trying to ride grandpas bike.
While we were away this week Mike went shopping at Costco and bought Kooper a new life jacket. Now Kooper is ready to go swimming and boating this summer.
And I got my hair done once again, I know it's an addiction. I am blonde again it has been forever since I was all blonde. I will let you all know if blondes have more fun!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lights out...

Kooper was so good at church today he was so excited for nursery, he just kept saying he wanted to play with toys and the kids. Later I am sitting in Relief Society which has just begun and the lights go out in the whole building, nursery is located in one side of the cultural hall and with in seconds lots of little kids start screaming and crying. It was the sadest thing I had ever heard. All the mothers with kids in nursery rushed in the dark to try and find their kid, Mike had found Kooper first. Kooper didn't seem to be sad, I think he thought it was pretty fun. After 15 minutes of standing around waiting for the lights, we left and went home. The picture above is a typical Kooper moment after we return home from church at 2pm. He is so tired and ready for a good nap.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Golf and a little organization...

Inspired by watching the masters we got Kooper a new golf set. His set from last year was destroyed. He thinks he is the next Tiger Woods! Look at that form, amazing.
I love when such simle things make me so happy. The DVDs on my entertainment center have been driving me crazy, they looked so tacky, in my opinion. So I bought...
White DVD boxes from Ikea 2 for $8.00. They arrived today and I was so happy, I feel so much more organized and happy with my entertainment center.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


A while ago I bought Kooper some Diego yogurts thinking he might think that was cool and eat some yogurt. He would always take one bite and then be done. I guess hes not much of a yogurt kid. Today he surprises me by asking for one. I leave the room for a few mintues and return to this. Kooper is a messy eatter, he is two and what two year old isn't messy, but this was a little much even for him. So as much as he loves Diego I guess he will stick with the Diego fruit snacks instead of the yogurt. I usually call Mike each day and say guess what your kid did today, something along the lines of putting his hand in the toilet and then licking his hand, pooping in the bathtub, etc. Mike always says, " Were you not watching him?" No Mike I do not have eyes in the back of my head, I do not keep one eye on him at all times (although I should) I do not stay in the same room as him constantly. I think we have hit the terrible twos!