Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend...

Mike and I worked a ton this weekend. Our friends Jason and Meegan came into town because Meegan was photographing a wedding somewhere near by. They came Sunday Morning and we ended up renting a van so we could all go up to Bryce Canyon for the day.
We did a little hike it is kind of hard to see but we went all the way doen this zig zag trail to the bottom of this canyon. Then we came back up, which just about killed us.
And because we had our own personal photographer for the day we took a ton of pictures. I think Meegan was just as excited to take pictures wiuth the red rocks.
We took a ton of family pictures and Meegan also let me take pictures with her camera of her family. I love Meeans camera so much and Mike said I can finally get a camera. We have been researching DSLR camera a ton lately.
Jason and Meegan left monday afternoon. I am so excited about all the fun new photos we have.

Monday, May 19, 2008


We flew in friday morning to LAX and drove to Disneyland and met up with my sister Rochelle, her husband Ryan and their three kids. Kooper woke up the night before with a fever so he was kind of out of it most of the weekend, not to mention it was so hot. He had a good time and after every ride he would say " That was fun." he is fine today so I guess he was just sick for the weekend, I really wish he would have felt better he might have had even more fun. Kooper was so good at Disneyland and just followed his cousins around. We did about two rides at Disneyland and then my camera battery died, I am so bummed. so most of the pictures are from califoria adventure park which we did on saturday and the baseball game we went to on Sunday. I really wanted a picture with a character but, I guess we will just have to go back next year. We also brought our video camera and we didn't have a blank tape with us they were all at home.

The baseball game was kind of crazy it was Angels vs. Dodgers at Angles Stadium and they had lots of cussing and yelling, The people working at the staduim said they always had lots of fights, We had some pretty out of control people on our section. It was so hot I took Kooper under the bleachers where they had free games for the kids. He loved the Home Run Derby game and did really well at it.

There is a straight flight from LAX to St. George that we toke and then we drove home and we figured out that we were locked out of the house, I forgot my keys. Mike had his keys locked in his office at the airport because we were driving an Avis car home from St. George. We thought we would have to sleep in the car until 6am when someone opened the airport. Mike ended up jumping the fence at the airport and breaking into his office. We were desperately tired and just wanted to be home already.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

Mike gave me my Mothers Day gift before he left for Houston. He got my Mario Kart for the Wii, and a hydration pack for when we go hiking. I am not much of a game person but Mario Kart was my favorite game to play when I was younger so I was pretty excited to try this one out. I think I like it because it is easy enough even a 4 yr. old could play it, to be honest they could probably beat me. I guess since we have a couple hydration pack and pass to the national parks we should probably get our moneys worth and go hiking.
Happy Mothers Day to all you Mother, especially my mother who is one of the greatest mothers in the world. I have always known how great my mother was but now being a mother myself I can truley appreciate all the sacrifices she made, and love she had for me. Being a mom is a lot of work and she had six girls, don't know how she did it. Love you Mom!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Mike and I just got our passport, we don't have a trip planned yet but I hope this means we will be going somewhere very fun sometime this year. Mike got his renewed and it took like 3 days I have never had one so I had to apply, it took less than 2 weeks to get my passport. Mike and I do have planned a trip to take Kooper to Disneyland in a week. I love vacations!
Mike and Kooper are in Houston this weekend for Caleb, Mikes sisters Jennas' babys blessing. I have to work so I am stuck at home. I can't remember the last time I was home alone, I have rented girly movies and gone to a couple night classes at the gym. I plan on relaxing this weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A wedding...

Jillian and Cody Robles out side the Columbia River, Washington temple
Kooper loved the little baby toys, he saw them playing and he had to lay on the ground and play with a baby toy. He kept trying to sneak his way into their toys because I guess they were cooler than the one he had. We went to go watch Koopers Cousin Kamden play softball. This is a picture at the game when Koop was trying to take back his bubble gun from his cousin Carter. The kid seriously needs to learn how to share. What a punk!
Kooper playing with the barbies, yep even the naked Ken doll. His dad would be so proud.
Jillian the night before her wedding in her bride to be gear.
All the sisters except Kim who had to work Chauntel, Kendall, me, Rochelle, mom, and Jillian. We were having a feast at Applebees, Check out all that food. Mmmmm!

I went back to Washington for my little sisters wedding. Every sister was able to be home for the wedding. I had so much fun. Kooper played his little heart out, with daycare kids and cousins. He had so many people to push him on the swings which is his favorite. I also took Kooper to my sister Rochelle doctor that she talks about a lot. I found out Kooper has a food allergy to Sugar (Go figure), and Milk. He eats so much sugar that it is causing bumps all over his body that he has had for a while. The bumps was the main reason I went in to the doctor. Koopers doctors would barley look at the bumps and say it was dry skin and write me a perscription for lotion, which never helped. So I am so happy to finally know what is causing the bumps. So now I have been looking on the back of food to see what has sugar, EVERYTHING has sugar in it. Kooper is such a picky eatter, so their are lots of things he can have but that dosen't mean he will eat it. I am curious to see if this will help his personality calm down at all.