Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Bikers against Child abuse gave Kooper a BACA tatoo
The bouncy house

Hanging out at the Groovefest
This weekend was the Groovefest in Cedar. We went Saturday night and had dinner and listened to music while we walked around to the booths and Kooper played on the bouncy toys.
We also took Kooper to go see Kung Fu Panda he did pretty good in the movie and it was fun to finally be able to go see a movie as a family. Today he had his plastic utensils in his hands and he was pretending to do Kung Fu which included poking me with the fork and kicking me. It was one of those moments that I wanted him to stop but it was so funny so I just laughed instead.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spiderman Scooter...

Kooper got a new scooter when we were in Rexburg so he could ride around with the other kids.

Kooper had now decided he loves Spiderman which I think is funny because he has no idea who spiderman is besides the fact he is on his scooter. The two options for scooters his age where sponge bob or spiderman, Kooper loves watching spongeBob but I just could not bring myself to buy something with SpongeBob on it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Zack looking all tuff. How cool is he with his mohawk. He had a shadow over his eye, so sad because I think he looks way cute in this picture. I guess I will get better at photography over time I can't be great over night.
Brooklyn is so cute and I was dying to take pictures of her but she was not really into the cute picture taking most of the night and just wanted to be silly. So for a couple minutes she sat on the steps and let me take a few pictures, but after that she was done.
Meegan and Keaton, I took a bunch of pictures of them but it was getting dark out and most of them are blurry( I am making a sad face).
My beautiful friends
Of course we had to get pictures of all three of us.

We cut Kooper hair into a mohawk like Zacks but do to his screaming and kicking it was a little off so I shaved it all off. I love his little bald head.
Kopoer was watching me take pictures of Meegan and Keaton and he went and sat on a rock near by and started giving me the cheesiest smile, I had to get a picture of him.
Kooper and I went to Rexburg for girls weekend with Meegan and Jennie and kids. We took a ton of picture, and Meegan taught me a few things about my camera.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The unwilling subject...

This top picture is my favorite, not sure why I just love it.

After Koopers bath instead of getting him into PJs I dressed him and took him down to my favorite little red bench and took a ton of pictures. A two year old is not the easiest kid to photograph, I made Mike come and make faces behind me because he did not want to sit on the bench. If he would have sat all night I am sure I would have kept shooting all night. These are a few of my favorites from this evening.

Do they offer toddler anger management...

I was playing around with my camera and taking pictures of Kooper. He was getting so upset. I went and looked back through the picture I just took and just had to laugh. I am sure you can tell by the pictures just what he was saying and thinking. Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Discovery Park...

Mike and I took Kooper to play the the Discovery Park which is this huge fun park up on the hill. I went the purpose of taking fun pictures with my new camera. Once we got there the camera was not working right, I was getting so frustrated, I have had my camera for how long and have still not really taken any pictures. Well we figured out it was just mt SD card, I put a new SD card in and now it works great. I didn't get any fun pictures at the park but I did pull out the little camera and got a few pictures. Not really the pictures I had in mind but I will try again later with my new camera.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Pots...

Mike flew out to Salt Lake after we finished golfing today so he could go play golf with his dad. His mom is making him a nice Fathers Day Dinner tomorrow. I have to work tomorrow evening so I get to stay home. I finally went flower shopping and planted them in my pots. I was dreading taking Kooper with me while I did all this so having no one home I felt it was the perfect time. It makes me miss my yard. I really so love gardening and playing in the dirt, the finished result makes me so happy.

Golfing with Prarie Dogs...

That is a tee in Mikes mouth he chews on them all the time while golfing.
I told mike to strike a pose and this is what he gave me. I am sure he didn't think I would post it so here is Mike lookin like a pro.
Can you see all the praire Dog holes, they were everywhere. I was so afraid I was going to kill a praire Dog with my golf ball.

I went and got my hair done on Thurday and left Kooper with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend. My friend Jennie and I had a girls night, I stayed at her house and we went to a movie. I flew home Friday to enjoy my time with Mike why we did not have Kooper. Mike and I went to Ninja our favorite restraunt in Cedar for Dinner and then rented a movie. This morning we went Golfing, I love to golf but rarely get to go as much as Mike. I was amazed at all of the Praire Dogs on the Course. Mike said they are endangered so they can't kill them so they just destroy the course. It was actually kind of fun to play around all them . For my first round of golf this year I actually didn't do to bad, and more importantly got to spend time with Mike doing something we both love.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look what I got...

The DSLR Nikon D80! The kit I bought came with 2 lens, one hard case, one soft carrying case, a tripod, an SD reader, and lots of other little things. We got a great deal. Like I had mentioned a few weeks ago we have been looking into DSLR cameras, and then Meegan came down and we took pictures with her camera. She let me take a few which most came out blurry, because I had no idea what I was doing. Anyways I convince Mike this was the camera I wanted and TA DA! What a great hubby.
I am now dying to practice I need victims to shoot. Sure wish I knew more people in Cedar.
I am sure I will still use my little nikon Cool pix point and shoot a ton because I always carry it with me in my purse to capture all the funny things my kids does.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Frozen Yogurt Pops...

I made frozen yourt pops from the Deceptively Delicious Cook book. They are so YUMMY! I couldn't find popsicle mold anywhere so I put them in little Dora and Diego cups. I think when frozen it was a little heavy for Kooper to hold for any amount of time, so next time I will have to pour it in half the cup. I think they are super yummy and Kooper loves them.

Each popsicle is only 100 calories, contains less than 1 gram of fat. Calcium rich yogurt helps build strong bones and teeth, and berries add a little vitamin C- an antioxidant that help boost the immune system and aids in healing.

I seriously love this cook book, since I have such a hard time getting Kooper to eat healthy. I know he would love berries if he tried them but he won't so this is a great alternative.

So I am sharing the recipe


~2 cups plain lowfat yogurt

~2 cups frozen berries ( strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or cherries)thawed in the microwave for 1 minute.

~1/2 to 3/4 cup confectioners' sugar

Combine the yogut, fruit, and sugar in a blender or food processor and process until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

American Family Fest...

If you were unaware Cedar City is Festival City USA. This week was American Family Fest I have been wanting to go all week but the days both Mike and I could go it was cold and rainy. Today Mike worked so I took Kooper down to check it out. I bought a braclet for Kooper to jump on the bounce toys, but he was too afraid to go by himself so I was a little frustrated. We had pizza at the park and then finally Kooper warmed up to the toys. At this point we had been at the park for three hours and he needed a nap. Each night they are playing free movies in the park first a kids film then a featured film. I really wanted to go as a family, but it was pretty cold at night this week.

Friday, June 6, 2008

This is How I do Food Storage....

I got Kooper ready for bed and he had to put his hat on. Kooper loves to wear hats, it's bordering on obsessive.
I bought this starter kit at the Distribution Center
I bought the 2 buckets full of 200 meals from Costco.
...And that is how I do food storage.
All of our closets and storage places are packed full so we don't have a ton of room in our new townhouse to store food. I know I need to start my food storage so I guess this is the beggining. I guess I am lazy this just seems easier than canning my own food.