Thursday, July 24, 2008

The baby...

This is my little sister, other wise known as #6. She just got married to her adorable husband Cody in May. This means they just had engagments photos done so I was pretty happy they let me take pictures of them. they were so nice to me and hung out in some pretty nasty places for these pictures. These are a few of my favorite which means of course lots of black and white pictures. These are some of the fun ones, I did get some good close ups for the wall. OK I'm done with Washington Photos so now I am ready for Bear Lake.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sneak peak for Kendall...

I know I posted a lot of black and white but I swear the majority of the pictures I edited were in color I just really love black and white pictures. I am trying to finish up all the trillions of photos from Washington because we leave for Bear Lake next week. I will HOPEFULLY have a ton of pictures from Bear Lake. Then the in August we go to Seattle, and I can't believe my luck with all these fun places to photograph people. Only one more photoshoot left to edit, which is of my little sister and her new hubby.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Keep in mind we had a disposable camera and it had no flash. One of the girls I work with husband goes canyoneering all the time, so she offered to have her husband take us. It was four couples, all us girls work together at the crisis center.

Mike and I in our harnesses, and backpacks before.
The whole canyoneering gang.
Standing in a slot canyon after a nice swim in nasty pool of water.
We were trying to warm up before the next repel and more swimming in the slot canyons with no sun. We were swimming and repelling for about the first 1.5 to 2 hours. We were freezing!
Mike repelling, then it was my turn. We did about 5 repels and on one, we repelled into the water and had to swim out.

(BELOW)This was our last and longest repel about 100 feet. Most of the time we had no rock to kick off of we were just dangling. It was so awesome.

The two pictures above were after we were out the slot canyons, we boulder jumped the last half. This part made me pretty tired.

The last picture is at the end they had a nice natural pool to swim in. We jumped off the rock and played around for a while. The guy jumping off is Landon, our guid. At the begining before our first jump he said, "ok if you want to turn back do it now because once you jump you can't go back." It was so much fun, Mike and I can't wait to go again sometime.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Twins, and Canyoneering...

So I am not even close to done editing The twins pictures but had to post one tonight.
Mike and I went canyoneering today in Zions we took a ton of pictures but we just bought a cheap disposable camera so it will be a little bit before I can post them. I will also explain a little more about canyoneering when I get my pictures back. It was seriously one of the amazing things I have done. No it's not JUST hiking, it's so much cooler. Then we went to go see The Batman Movie, with the friends who took us canyoneering. Kooper is in Salt Lake with Grandma and Grandpa this weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Calhoun Family...

I hope your not offended by a half naked little girl. If you are then Tuff cause I think she is adorable.

I bought the Tutu at Target and everyone little girl and even my little boy wanted to wear it. Needless to say I have a ton of Tutu pictures. I took the skirt home with me so other little girls I photograph can wear it as well, so you might just see this skirt again.

This is my sister Kims Family, Obviously I am in love with Kara her youngest, she has more attitude than anybody I know. This was my first family shoot and a learning experience. Little kids are just so unpredictable, namely Kara. For the most part she did so well, I guess you can't expect a two year old to be perfect.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bassett Family...

Taken on the way to the bathroom. I had about two other pictures of Carter Peeing outside but opted not to post them no matter how tempted I was, he was so funny.
I did a bad job of posing these guys they had so many pictures where they were all looking and had cute smiles but were in an awkward pose. Sorry Rochelle my fault!
Carter was showing me his muscles.
Cole is such a stud!
What a diva, she has all these awsome poses from doing dance. Kamden totally knew how to work the camera.
WYI these where all taken in my parents back yard(except #1), They work so hard to have a beautiful yard and all the effort is totally worth it.

My parents are so Cool...

Dad and his Biker babe.

What a stud

Seriously how cool are my parents on my dads bike. I was so glad they were willing go up on the hill and let take pictures on them. They are so cute all dressed up in their leathers. I think my dads bike is so cool looking so I was so excited to take pictures.


Mike tossing Kooper in the pool
My husband is sooo Sexy
Monkey face
My little princess. So this month I have painted his toes, put makeup on him, and dressed him in a skirt. Ya think I am ready for a girl?
Mike head first down the cyclone
Rochelle, Kendall, and I
Everyone in the pool

This past week we went to Washignton, Rochelle had brain cancer and had it removed on the 7th. I went up to try and help. She got home from the hospital on Wednesday I believe, and I went over to help her on Thursday. When I got to her house I asked her if she was hungry she said she already made herself something, and then we just sat around and talked all day. I am not really sure that I helped too much. She is such a server, the type of person who likes to take care of other people and has a hard time letting people take care of her. So most of my visit people were telling her to sit and let someone else do it for her. She is so amazing the fact that she just had brain surgery and then was trying to serve other. I was amazed she was up and around right after a major surgery. She is AMAZING!

We had fun swimming and playing on the cyclone and Kooper had a blast playing with Cousins. I took over 2000 pictures while I was in Washignton. So the next few posts will be from photoshoots I had while in Washignton.

No pictures...

I tried for hours yesterday to post some pictures from washington. I have also been trying this morning I am so frustrated. The good news is we are getting internet at home today because we have to give back Mikes work computer with the free internet that we have been using since we moved here. The only reason this is good news is because it should be much faster, and It will be on a real computer not a laptop which kind of drive me crazy at times. I just wanted everyone to know I am alive and working on downloading pictures.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bryce Canyon... Again!

My husband is such a stud...
Near the end of our Hike, we were all a little tired.
My boys are so cool

Annette and I were done dealing with the guys so we threw them in jail. They seem to be pretty happy about it.
Seriously how much do these guys look alike, Bald head and all.
Grandpa & Grandma D and Koop
Kooper loves his Grandpa D and copies everything he does.
I passed off the camera for a quick family photo
John and Annette...Awwww

Saturday we went hiking is Bryce Canyon we debated about hiking at Zions but we just really love Bryce Canyon. We did the same hike we started with Jason, Meegan and Keaton. This time we finished the hike when it was all said and done I think we did around 3 miles. Kooper even walked most of the time. It was such a beautiful Hike we took a ton of pictures and finally got to break out out hydration packs which Kooper thought was so fun. In a couple weeks Mike and I are going canyoneering (sp?) with friends at Zions so we will see why everyone loves Zions Canyon, honestly I don't get it I think Bryce is amazing. I am going to Washington tomorrow so I will hopefully come back with tons of pictures. I am making my family let me practice taking pictures of them and I am so excited.