Friday, August 29, 2008

Discovery at Gateway...

This was by far Koopers favorite part of Discovery, the sections with the balls.
This sucked the balls up the tube, once Kooper figured it out he would watch it go the the end and then say " I did it! I did it!" Yes we were all very proud He did it! He did it!
The tubes twisted all over and dropped where Kooper was standing.
Kooper cooled off very briefly at the Gateway Fountain.

Koop went shopping and kept telling me "Mom I buy."
Kooper helping the girl check him out at the register
They had a cool News set up
Grandma was doing 5 little monkies, Kooper was doing it with grandma while watching the screen, guess you had to be there it was pretty funny.
Nikki asked if she could take Kooper to Discovery at Gateway, she thought Koop would like it. Nikki, Grandma, Kooper, and I all went on Saturday while the guys were off golfing for Mikes B day. Kooper loved it and probably could have stayed all day.
I have had absolutely no desire to blog or be on the computer too much this week. Not for lack of things to blog about, because if you know me, you know I always have something to talk about. Also Koop broke the computer for a few days by jamming a CD into the drive that did not want to come out. I feel like he is getting worse and worse. He sneaks out of the house at LEAST once a day to go play at the park. I guess I need a new way to lock the door, it honestly freaks me out to have the front door open and my kid missing. When I catch Kooper outside all he says is "What!" in his most innocent two year old way, with his shoulders shrugged and all. I really miss the days when he couldn't even crawl!


I think this was before one of the kids beat me with the stick.
The kids were on a sugar high for the rest of the night.
Walking in to the surprise party
Mike motorcycle helmet
Happy "Dirty Thirty" Mike
Annette made the cake... shes so talented!

We had a surprise party for Mike last weekend. Mike, Kooper and I went to Raging Waters, water park all day so his parents, Annette and John could set up. Mike was pretty surprised when he walked in to his parents pool house and a bunch of family and friends were there. We had a comedy Roast, where people told funny stories about Mike. We had a pinata for the kids, and then went swimming the rest of the evening. Mike had fun and I am glad it's over I am not very good at secrets!

Monday, August 18, 2008

How pretty...

I guess Kooper loves to put on mommies make up. We put Kooper to bed and then I went downstairs and finished my book, Breaking Dawn, and Mike went back to work at Avis for an hour. I assumed Kooper was in bed where we left him over an hour ago. Mike I came up to go to bed and we found the little beauty queen destroying my make up. A lot of my make up was still useable, thank goodness because most of it is not the kind of thing I could buy at Walgreens. I was so mad I started laughing, ok that was the wrong thing to do, of course then he thought it was funny. Why couldn't he have just pulled all the T.P. off the roll like a normal kid, at least that is cheaper to replace. Is this terrible twos?

The BIG Three Oh...

Mike turns Thirty today! For this milestone birthday he plans on buying a Motorcycle. I will of course keep you updated if he actually finds one he likes. I can't believe he is Thirty, I remember when that felt so old, Of course it still is old considering I am a good 5 years younger than him. :) I love him and I am so proud of everything he has accomlished. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKIE!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Salish Lodge...

We met up with my Uncle paul and Aunt Lynn and there family at the falls near the Salish Lodge.
The Salish lodge to the left of the falls is where Mike and I stayed on our wedding night. I would give anything to go back it was the nicest place I have ever stayed, but the price tag is pretty spendy.
Mike loves the Toyta Jump
I thought this picture of kooper jumping was pretty cute!
I had to break our Seattle trip up into multiple entries so I could share everything. It was really fun to go back and see the falls and the lodge we stayed at after our wedding. It is like 5 mins. from my aunt Christys house.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Twin Falls hike...

Family Reunion...

Family Reunion...

The reunion was held at my aunt Christy house in Fall City, Washignton. She and her husband Steve have done so much work to her house and it was the perfect house for a reunion. Some people camped, some stayed in the house. The little kids had tons of toys and she had three gazebos with propane fires in the middle. It was cold so most of the time we sat around the fires. We floated the river on Friday, so I posted a bunch of pictures from my aunts house and some from rafting the river.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


After the game kids got to go down on the field and run around the bases, I think Mike liked that more than Kooper.

We had pretty good seats 12 rows up on the first base side, we were close to Ichiro. Oh ya Mariners got killed. I am such bad luck every Major league baseball game I go to they lose.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Downtown Seattle...

The gum wall has grown since last year.
A little kids art downtown

After the mariners game
On the pier
Kooper loved the gum wall. It smelled pretty good!
How cool is this wall!
We were too late to watch them throw fish at the market
We went to seattle for our Family Reunion on my moms side. We had so much fun. I have tons of pictures, this was just the last day Mike, Kooper and I went downtown.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More canyoneering...

In the back you can see mike climbing into the water
Brian repeling into the dirty water
Mike swimming in the slot canyon
Me going down he last repel
These pictures are still from the last time we went canyoneering but I just got some pictures from Holly one the girls we went with. She had really good pictures from inside the slot canyons, so I just decided to post a couple more. Sorry if you are getting bored with it we just had so much fun and wanted to share.