Friday, September 26, 2008


I was tagged by Meegan. The tag was to go to your picture folder, choose the 4th file, and the 4th photo and post it.

I tag Jenna C., Chauntel, Kendall, Rochelle, Mom. DO IT! Don't cheat!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Motorcycle safety...

Koopers "Motorcycle"
Kooper calls his red tricycle his motorcycle, he asks me everyday if he can ride his "motorcycle". Not sure where he came up with that but he likes that better than his spiderman scooter lately. He even gives the neighbor kids rides on the back of his motorcycle.
I had to practically beg Mike to put on his motorcycle gear he just got. Doesn't he look hot! I think he plans on buying a new helmet one with a full face cover so that helmet will be mine. I know it's hard to see but he has motorcycle boots, gloves, and of course chaps until his other riding pants come in, and the jackets has armor on it. This past weekend Mike took a 3 day motorcycle safety class in St. George. I think he had a ton of fun being able to ride around. Now he can't wait to get his new bike. Only a few more days!
Today I was buzzing Mikes hair and teasing Kooper he was next. Kooper hates getting his hair buzzed, Kooper kept saying, " No mommy next! Mommy Next! Not Kooper" I guess kooper thinks I would look good with my hair buzzed. That's called the Britney Spears hair cut right?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Kooper was running around the dance floor and break dancing. The band loved him!
Koopers break dancing moves
Isn't this the scariest/cutest little man? He was in the band and we had to have a picture of him.
Mike eatting some German food.
Brian Head had it's annual Oktoberfest which is only like 30 mins from us. We went up this weekend ate some German food and watched Kooper dance to the German music. We had to check it out since Mike went to Germany on his mission. I thought it was kind of funny they were having Oktoberfest in September, wasn't a ton of people there but we still had a good time.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tiger in Training...

Koopers new left handed golf clubs, Technically for 5-8 yr. olds. They came with a putter, driver, 5, 7, and 9 irons.
Dad helping Koop out with his swing

The only pose I could get Kooper to hold still for and it only lasted 5 seconds. He just wanted to golf and not take pictures. At one point I was annoying him so much he kept saying. "Go away mom, I golf!"

Sunday evening Mike took us over to the putting green to practice golf with Koopers new clubs. Mike has brought Kooper here a few times before while I was working in the evenings. Kooper is actually pretty good at golf for a 2 year old. Whats new right, my kid is amazing at everthing he does. I know he is going to grow up to be a "hot head" if I keep talking about him like that. I wish it wasn't so sunny, but we still got a few good pics.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remote and Skyfest...

We're Crazy! We were playing around with my new camera remote.
Mike and I using my camera remote.
Love this picture of Mike and Kooper!

As you can see I got a remote for my camera and I love it. Much faster than turning on the timer. SkyFest is this weekend in Cedar. Friday, Saturday, and I think Sunday morning at 7am they release all the hot air balloons into the air at the same time. Saturday night they light up all the balloons, we are going to miss it I have to work and Mike and Kooper left out of town this morning for the BYU game. I have been looking forward to SkyFest so I am a little bummed we can't go. Hopefully we can catch it next year I think Kooper would love it. Friday morning I got off work at 8am and while driving home I noticed half of the balloons were in the air and half were still on the ground. The park was close to our house so I ran inside got Kooper dressed and got him all excited to see the "Big Balloons". We got there too late, we could still see them floating all over the city, only one balloon remained on in the park tied to a rope and giving rides to people. So we played on the toys at the park for a while and watched the balloons get smaller and smaller.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008



I know I have a million sports pictures lately, but Kooper room is sports themed and I wanted to print out picture for his wall. I want opinions on which picture I should print for his wall. My personal favorite is number 5.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Are you ready for some football...

Mike took Kooper to his first SUU (Southern Utah University) football game Saturday night. It is so fun to live in a town that have a college football team. I sadly had to work, not only did I work Saturday night I worked a double shift so I worked a full 24 hours. Once I got off work Mike and I took Kooper over to the park to take some pictures and play since I haven't had the chance to use my camera much lately. I have worked so much the past couple weeks I have over 80 hours on my time card, not too bad since I am only part time. Now Kooper LOVES football! Mike bought him a little SUU football at the game. Mike taught Kooper a few plays, the first one they showed me when I got home was the first picture, NICE MIKE! I also got to go on Satuday afternoon and play softball with some girls from Relief Society. I'm not even gonna lie I am so sore, from softball.

I am also supposed to clarify that Kooper is not a terrible kid, Mike said I was being to harsh on him the last few posts. I made him out to be a little "hellian". Of course it was all true, but he is incredibly good most of time. Kooper truely is his fathers son and is constantly making me laugh, with the things he does and says.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Can you say obsessed...

I can. Not sure if I have mentioned before how much Kooper loves to play Wii. He plays Mario Kart, Cars, and Wii sports. We have had to restrict playing time because he can literally play all day. In the morning when he wakes up he usually walks in my room asking to play games. When people ask his name he says, " Mario" When they ask his age he says, " monkey, motorcycle" (he has to be the motorcycle or he cries). That is honestly all he can say to strangers, He really does know his name (pooper) and Age (2). He is way better than I am at Mario Kart, which really isn't saying too much.
Kooper is pretty much the worst eater EVER! He wants to drink Chocolate milk all day long. He stopped eating, and so now he only gets it for breakfast, and instead of real chocolate milk we give him something similar to carnation instant breakfast. My point is that we have had a break through this week. Kooper tried a peanut butter and honey sandwich, the kids has never eaten a sandwich in his life and cries like I am trying to poison him if it is set in front of him, he even said "Mmm!". AMAZING! Mike also convinced him to eat spiral Mac and cheese, he ate the whole thing. It's a MIRACLE! I can not even have Ice cream, candy, or cookies in the house anymore because that is all he wants. So in a way I guess Kooper is helping me lose weight. Thanks Koop!