Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins...

Mike started with a design and then decided it was too hard and ended up putting holes all over his pumpkin. Mine was a skull, I am pretty sure my hand is broken it sucked to carve.

Kooper is about to go crazy on the pumpkin with that knife.
My title for this post was going to be Carving Pumpkins Sucks!, but I didn't want to seem too negative. It was so much more fun when I was younger. Kooper loved it and that is all that matters. We had plans to carve pumpkins earlier this week but Mike and I both picked up shifts and didn't have time until tonight. It has been so warm here, that I am glad we waited I don't think the pumpkins would have survived. I have had my A.C. on all week, we tried to go with out it because well, it is almost November but we both got too hot. It has been mid to high 70's. It should cool down tomorrow I was worried Kooper would over heat in his costume.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Maybe it's only Funny to me...

I was not feeling well the other day at lunch time just before I ate so I laid my head on the table. Kooper was sitting next to me and said, " Don't cry mommy." I told him I wasn't crying that I felt sick so I was laying my head down. I looked over a moment later and Kooper was laying his head on the table like me. I asked him what was wrong he said he was sick.

Everyday we go t the gym they have a big picture of a girl and guy on the side of the building and every morning Kooper says that's mommy, and points to the lady working out. One morning he pointed to the guy and said that's daddy and the girl was mommy. I told him I bet his dad would love to hear that. I also was not offended my kid thought I was the ripped chick in the picture.

Whenever we fly into Salt Lake something similar happens with an ad at the bottom of the escalators he points to the blond lady and says that's mommy. Of course I only wish my face was plastered all over airports and gyms.

This is my favorite, we were in Salt Lake this weekend and the BYU channel was on Sunday morning and the choir was singing, Kooper said that's mommy, of course referring to the wonderful singing. Which makes me think maybe my son is going deaf.

Kooper is so funny lately he has us laughing constantly. Kooper loves to pretend he is a kitty. lately, he has grown to love Grandpa and Grandmas kitty, no matter how often I tell him Kittys are icky and to leave it alone he loves them. He pretends to be a kitty all day. He meows randomly, sometimes it is hard to have a conversation with him because he will not break character. He crawls into the bedroom on all fours meowing and licking his paws. It makes me laugh, but really he could be something more masculine like a dog?

Friday, October 24, 2008

5 years...

Our engagement photo

Can you believe it, we have been married five years today! What an amazing day it was being sealed in the Seattle temple to my best friend. Mike has always been a thoughtful husband, and a interactive dad. I love him and Can't believe how fast the years have flown by. I love that I get to spend eternity with this man.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adventures with Crack....Crafty title, I know.

This was how small the hike was we did this weekend with our friends.We had to do it sideways. Mike didn't even fit, the other guys got stuck in a few places. Kooper did the whole thing walking shoudlers forward. I asked him if he needed any help and with as much attitude at a 2.5 year old could muster he said, " No, I don't need help!"
Good thing my boobs aren't bigger I would have been stuck. This is the one time small boobs were nice.
The boys
The girls

The kids (missing a couple kids)
We hung out with friends this weekend in St. George and did this little mini adventure one of the days, not sure what this place was called but it was pretty short, and fun to get out and do something.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...

Only 15 more days to Halloween! This is my decorated tiny porch, this made me really miss my house and porch in Idaho.
Kendall, Rochelle, and Kids getting on the hay ride. Koop liked the big jumps! It was a bumpy ride.
We picked out a nice little pumpkin for Kooper and gave it to grandma for her front porch.
This was the little kids maze. Koop would have been lost if he wasn't following someone.
Straw bale tower that the kids climbed all over.
My cute sisters!
Then they had a barn with some farm animals!

This was mine and Kooper first time going to a pumpkin patch and it was fun. We both went home and took naps.

I went home for the weekend just for a little visit to see my family. It was so nice and relaxing! Kooper of course loved all the kids, cousins and daycare. Not to mention all of Grandmas toys, and Grandpa who kept feeding him popcicles.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10 things I can not live without...

1. MY HUSBAND AND SON, need I say more. OK I will say more, Mike is one of the most entertaining people ever, and Kooper is turning out to be just like him. I love 'em and honestly could not live without them

2. MY FAMILY. My sisters are each so amazing. I love that they are family which just means we will always be friends. My parents of course they require praise just for putting up with me while I lived at home. I just could not live without 'em.

3. TYLENOL PM. OK I admit I am addicted, Do I need rehab? OK I guess I'm not that bad but I do love this stuff. Could probably live without but why try.

4. MY GYM MEMBERSHIP. It is such a part of my daily routine, pretty sure I would gain 20 pounds without it. This is a must! Can not live without it.

5. FREE FLIGHTS. Not really sure what I would do if I had to pay to fly somewhere. I guess I would stay home more. Now that I have lived with the benefit of free flight, pretty sure I would not be able to go without. Mike is stuck at Skywest for life!

6. SUGAR. I have no control or stop button when it comes to sugar, Chocolate, candy, cake, Soda, and my favorite pick me up energy drinks. Mmmmm! My body would go into shut down mode if I ever stop, so for the sake of my body, I must eat sugar.
7. GOOD FITTING JEANS. I live in jeans, so they must fit well. I am 5'8" with long legs, which I used to hate but now I love. I lived way too long with short awkward fitting jeans(high school), I think I am OCD about my jeans now. Cute jeans make all outfits look cute!
8. HOME DECOR. I would go crazy in a plain house with no decorations. My all time favorite store is Tai Pan. I frequent Tai Pan every chance I get. I would rather buy decorations than clothes. Must have cute house, could probably live without, but once again why try.
9. CELL PHONE. Can anyone live with out one? Texting is my main form of communication to friends. Sometimes its just easier than having a conversation. My pet peeve, people texting while driving.
10. GOOD BOOK. I am copying Jenny on this one. I have always loved to read but have become obsessed with finding good books lately. I usually read at work because I have endless hours to read if we are slow. I have hit a slump, I have read almost every book on the current best sellers list. I can not find a good book right now. Must find a good book, HELP!

I was tagged by Meegan to share the top ten things I can not live without. I tag Kendall, Jenna C., Chelsea S., Meghan R. ,Cindy A., and Lindsay F.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hells Angels! Especially the little one...

When he got the bike, Mike told me he was not going to let me take pictures of him on it.
I'm glad he changed his mind!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Street Vibrations...

A picture of us loading Mikes bike on the trailer.
We passed this tree full of shoes outside of Reno
Check out all those shoes.
Mike posed for a picture in Eureka, NV one of the small mining towns we drove through.
Mike on his Honda Shadow 1100.
If I ever buy a bike this is the one I want. Pink Flames!
Inside the convention center in Reno we walked around all the pimped out bikes, worth around $40,000. They were amazing!
My picture are all out of order sorry. Sunday Morning we loaded up the Bike in Reno and Drove 8.5 hours back to Cedar City.
Mike bought a Bike in Reno, NV. We Headed to Reno Saturday morning, we checked into the Atlantis Hotel and casino, it had more 1 cent slot machines than I have ever seen in one place. That weekend in Reno just happened to be the Street Vibrations Biker Ralley. We heard that 15,000 Bikers rolled into Reno on Friday. I should have taken a picture of all the bikes just at our hotel. So I guess we picked the perfect weekend to pick up the Bike. Saturday night Mike and I headed down the the Convention Center to check out all the biker booths, all around the convention center were booths selling leathers and anything you could ever want for your bike. Inside the convention center one wall had about 30-40 tatto artist. They were all busy! We had so much fun checking out all the amazing bikes and walking around booths. Sunday morning with a few minor delays we got the bikes loaded up and drove home. Mike is in heaven he has been riding his bike everywhere the last few days. Kooper thinks he has the coolest dad around, which of course he does!