Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Pictures...

Mikes mom took a bunch of pictures for us to use on our Christmas card. Just thought I would share a few.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What sex is the baby?...

Don't ask me. I can't believe I have to wait 4 more weeks to find out what we are having. I know I am only 16 weeks but I am ready to know right now. We were hoping to beg them to do an ultrasound today, we even took along adorable Kooper to try and persuade them to do it today but they were not buying it. I guess we will have to wait until February 10th.

Kooper has been wearing underwear all day and doing amazing we even took him to the doctors office in underwear which is a first we usually put a pull up on him to go out in public. He will even kinda, sorta go poop in the potty now. I took away the Wii and told him he could get it back after he pooped in the potty. I asked him if he wanted to go try and he said ok and sat on the toilet for about ten mintues trying to push something out. I even had him telling his poo to come out. So he sat on the toilet yelling at his poo to hurry up and come out. This of course made me laugh and had the desired result, which all ended with Kooper getting to play Wii again. He is not 100% potty trained but he is doing so much better than before.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electronics + Bailey= Disaster

I am having an awesome week. It all started when genius, yep that's me decided to put the video I pod into her suitcase this weekend coming home from Salt Lake. Thinking of course that I could bury it in clothes and it would be safer than my purse. Monday I pull out the I pod and the screen in smashed. Good news is the I pod works we just can't see the screen. Mike was still pissed. Yesterday I go work out and have a great cardio session while jamming to my new I pod shuffle (That I love!) I then put it into my jacket pocket. Yesterday was laundry day and so I guess part of me thought my I pod was dirty and needed to be clean, because I forgot to remove it from the Jacket first. I wake up this morning Looking for my Ipod ready to go have another awesome day at the gym and remember it's in my Jacket. So this week I have ruined two I pods. I am pretty sure Mike would not be talking right now if we didn't have a second video I pod. All the good songs are on the broken one of course.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Twee years old...

Football panda from build a bear

Batman panda

Church bag full of books and activities for church

Roll up piano.

Poingo, this is so cool, you drag the pen along the words on the book and it reads the book. Kooper loves this because he can read books without any help!

"Kooper how old are you going to be on your birthday?" "Umm? Mario, Luigi." That was how old Kooper told us he would be on this birthday, which isn't until this Friday January 9th. We had to teach him he would be three years old. In the picture he is trying to hold up three fingers. We celebrated his birthday a week early so we could have a family party since Jenna, Adam, and baby Caleb were in town. We will be in Pocatello, Idaho next weekend for my Pilates Certification class and I was afraid he wouldn't get a party that weekend. Mike and I took Kooper to Build a Bear Workshop for his birthday present, he got a panda, with a football outfit and batman outfit. I can't believe my son is turning three this week! He is still obsessed with games on the Wii, although I think obsessed is an understatement. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOOPER!

Kooper is currently potty training, I was hoping to be done by now but he refused to poop on the potty. The pee thing he has down but dosen't matter when he poops his underwear. I would love some advise on how to get him to poop in the potty? I have tried bribing with candy, Christmas presents, no games (I thought for sure this would work). I have been trying to get him to poop on the potty for about a month with no progress. I thought about giving up, but he is three and I really want him to be potty trained NOW! What a stubborn kid, he must get that from his dad! :)