Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bath time...

I was giving Maddox a bath at Grandpa and Grandma DeRoests this weekend and loved how cute Maddox looked just laying in his towel and talking to me. Maddox talks all the time, he even giggles if we are lucky. Maddox has also started drooling a ton and eating his hand. He even likes to chomp on his pacifier, which makes me think he might start teething soon. Kooper got his first tooth at 4 months so we will see if Maddox does too. We have been doing lots of tummy time, which he hates and screams, I am afraid my neighbors will call CPS. Everyone including me keeps saying he will get used to it, I am ready anytime for that to come true anytime now. I am loving having a baby in our home again they bring a sweet spirit into our house.

Kooper is so funny and always making us laugh almost as often as he makes us curse under our breath. We took Kooper bowling for one of Mikes work parties and I was so impressed with his strength to lift the 6 lbs. ball and throw it down the lane with no help. The other day Kooper lost my wedding ring, I am still hoping it will turn up somewhere. He loses his shoes, Bike, sweatshirt, scooter, and other toys while he plays outside it is so frustrating for him not to remember where he left things. we can never get a straight answer from him, It's on the boat, it's at grandmas, I just don't know where it's at mom.

Monday, September 14, 2009

3 months...

Kooper got himself dressed all by himself. He is so opinionated about his outfits lately, if he had it his way he would wear spider man clothes everyday. I think he got distracted when he found all his winter clothes. It was high nineties that day I guess no shirt balances out the hat and gloves.

My baby is three months today! He is so happy and smiles all the time. He sleeps 9-10 hours at night. He watches cartoons with Kooper in the morning. He loves his bouncer chair. His cheeks are so big and yummy I could eat them.
Our computer crashed last week and Mike has been spending hours getting rid of the virus and getting all of our programs back on the computer. I think I was inspired about three weeks ago I backed up all of our photos to our external hard drive. So everything is finally back to normal.

We had such a great weekend, we went up the mountain and did a campfire with a bunch of friends from church Friday night. Then we went to Mesquite, NV with our friends Jesse, Rindy and their kids and went swimming at Casablanca on the big hotel and casino there. It was a fun weekend and I can tell Kooper is worn out today.