Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

We love mall Santa...

Kooper and his mini mullet in 2007. Two years old is my favorite age, I love my baby and almost 4 year old but if I could just keep them both at two for extra long I would.

Googly eyed Santa in 2008

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mall Santa...

Thanks googly eyed Mall Santa from 2008 for returning again in 2009.

Maddox turned 6 months on Monday, happy half birthday Maddox!. Maddox weighs 18.5 lbs 62% and is 28.25 inches long 95%. Maddox is rolling when he feels like it, and is starting to sit up. He loves his exersauer and his jumper, and everything goes into his mouth. He still has no teeth, but drools like a champ. I was concerned about Maddox still having a flat spot on the back of his head , so we are taking him to Salt lake to see if he needs a helmet to correct it. I am kind of annoyed and if we have another kid I am not so sure I will be sleeping them on their backs.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let it snow...

Kooper loves his snow gear and was so excited to play in the snow. 10 mins. later he came back in and said it was cold outside.

I went to take Kobe potty outside this morning and Mike had shoveled a potty spot for Kobe at the park because the snow was higher than him. Thanks Mike for thinking so logically, and taking care of our dog.

Thanksgiving weekend...

Grandma and Maddox

Kooper loves his cousin Carter, one night Carter stayed the night at Grandma and Grandpa and him and Kooper stayed up late talking, it was so cute. Kooper also found someone to play board games with him, I don't think Carter liked playing too much but he kept playing( Koopers favorite game is Candy land). We also sent Kooper to Sunbeams with Carter on Sunday and he loved that he was a big boy. He did so good and is definitely ready to start Sunbeams in January.
Ryan and Rochelle

The kids found a fun game jumping off the tubs onto the pillows on the couch

We then got smart and put the pillows on the floor. They loved this game!

Kendall and I. Awwww! Every time I go home we have to get on of these.

I should have posted these last week, but I have been busy like every one else is in December. Mike and I played in a co-ed softball tournament this weekend in St. George. It was freezing, and every other hard core team had heaters but ours. We also didn't win a single game, not one. So recap cold enough to SNOW in St. George, lost horribly, yet still had a great time.