Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow Basin...

My friend Jennie invited me up to Ogden, Ut to go snowboarding. Jennie is an amazing snowboarder and I am a begginer but we had such a good time. I fell so much my tailbone is bruised and my arms hurt from pushing myself up off the ground. Thanks Jennie for taking me snowboarding!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New camera...

Kooper wanted to take a picture of me and Kobe, I don't post a lot of pictures of me so here you go, enjoy!

I got my new Nikon coolpix camera that I won for .10 cents on an online auctions site. I lost our point and shoot camera and have only had our nice big camera which is kind of a hassle to carry everywhere and carry Maddox. My new point and shoot camera fits in my purse and goes everywhere with me. This is good news for my few blog followers, it means hopefully more pictures/more posts. Kooper wanted to take some pictures so most of these he took.

I think we tend to take pictures in the morning while Maddox has his helmet off if any of you are wondering why he is never wearing it. He really does where it all the time.

I just got a job teaching Yoga at the senior center a couple days a week I am so excited. I start next week so this week I have been going through the horrible task of finding a day care for those few hours. I wish I lived by a grandma! taking my kids to someone I have never met freaks me out. I called around 15 daycare's and finally found one I can afford and like, I took the boys out to meet the sitter and the other kids and Kooper is so excited to play with the other boys his age. Not to mention how excited he was about her horse, sheep, and cats.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

No No No and Crawling...


Maddox has started crawling, usually he gets on his hands and knees and rocks and now he tries to move. This movie is from yesterday and today he is crawling even better. I love when he shakes his head No. I know I am the mom so I think everything is cute. video

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This morning...

My muscle man. Kooper is so sweet and says the funniest things, but he has been so difficult this winter, I am ready for summer, scratch that I am ready for him to go to school.

This was the only picture I could get this morning of Maddox getting on his hands and knees. As soon as I started taking pictures he was crying. Every time I come near him he wants to be held, which is a mommy ego boost and annoying. Maddox rolls all over the floor and gets on his hands and knees, hopefully he will be crawling soon. He doesn't seem to mind his belly now that he can move around a little. I took these during Maddox one hour a day without his helmet, I honestly can't tell a difference with his head. His hair is getting longer which makes his head not seem as flat.