Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Salt Lake City 1/2 marathon

Mike, John, and Jenna ran in the Salt Lake City half marathon. They all did so good and beat their last time. I was so impressed none of them seemed to be that sore compared to other runs. Mike ran it in 1 hour 46 mins. Mike put in for the raffle for the St. George full marathon in October. He should find out in the next few weeks if he gets in.

Maddox had a helmet apt. yesterday and the doctor thinks at least another 3 weeks possibly 6 weeks depends on his growth spurt. His head looks much better, we can't wait for no more helmet! Grandma taught Maddox "uh oh" he says it all the time. I will try to get it on video because it is so cute. He stands up to EVERYTHING, he falls a lot and crashes a lot. The helmet has actually helped during this learning to stand and walk phase.

Mike and I have had a trip planned for Frankfurt Germany the first week of May. Unfortunately we have to cancel it because of all the ash from the volcano is messing up flights all over Europe. Now we are trying to decide where we are going on vacation. We are leaning towards a cruise.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010...

We were supposed to go to Washington for Easter but our flights did not work out so we went and spent Easter in Salt Lake with Grandpa and Grandma DeRoest. Kooper dyed the eggs and Aunt Nikki helped him make them into monsters. In the afternoon we went over and had dinner and an Easter egg hunt at Mikes Aunt and Uncles house with his cousins and their kids.

On Friday Mike and I went up to Brainhead and went snowboarding. We got almost 8 inches in Cedar last week and decided to enjoy the snow.