Monday, May 31, 2010

Kanarra Creek Falls...

The little falls was the end were we turned around

The slot canyon right before we got in the water and hiked through it.

The scary Ladder in the slot canyon we went up with Kooper on Mikes back. I had a picture of this but I spared everyone from a Mike and Kooper butt shot.

This and Angels Landing are my two favorite hikes we have ever done. Everyone we passed was so impressed Kooper was doing this hike. Half the time we were hiking through the river, and in the end we hiked through the slot canyons it was so awesome. I don't think any of the pictures do the hikes justice, they were so fun.

Angels Landing to the top...

Nikki and I at the top of Angels Landing.

Mike and I at the top

John, Nikki, Johnny, Me and Mike at the top.

The chains we had to use to get to the top, Some places we pretty scary and close to the edge. We left the kids at home with Annette who was kind enough to watch them while we hiked all day.

I am glad to say I have done this hike now all the way to the top. We took the kids a month ago and turned around when we reached the chains, so it was fun to go back and finish it. The chains really were the most exciting part. 2 people have died on this hike already this year, every year they have deaths on this hike.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Am I sad he is almost one and we are past the baby stage, nope not at all. I tried to get a picture of him standing but he wanted the camera so bad he wasn't cooperating. (Although it looks painful Kooper was not hurt doing a back flip off the back of the chair.)
Maddox and Kooper Loved camping

Monday, May 17, 2010

Last Day in Germany...

Can you see Neuschwanstein in the mountains?

It's a little harder to see the castle in my picture. We arrived that evening in Fussen and we were too late to do a tour of both castles.
In the morning we woke up and I as a little bummed to see the fog was covering one of the castles. Luckily it cleared up and we were able to get some good pictures.

This is Hohenschwangau Castle We toured this castle first because this was were King Ludwig spent his childhood.

After the first castle we hiked up the mountain to the bigger fairytale castle.

King Ludwig was king of Bavaria one of the states in Germany back in the 1800s. Neuschwanstein Castle was King Ludwigs dream castle. He grew up In Hohenschwangau when his father was king and dreamed of a fairytale castle. He built his castle on the mountain overlooking Hohenschwangau, only part of Neuschwanstein was completed before he moved in and about 6 months later he died a mysterious drowning in a nearby sea. The castle was never completed, but the rooms that were completed were amazing. It even had a grotto! Of course we weren't allowed to take picture inside any of the castles.
The bridge we hiked up to for great views of both castles.

We hiked it up to the bridge to get a good view of Neuschwanstein castle

Mike doing the Toyota jump by our car with the castle in the background.

We stopped by the grocery store the night before we left and stocked up on food and candy.

We drove back to Frankfurt that evening and went out to a nice dinner with Klaudija and Robert and then went to karaoke where Klaudija and Mike gave us some awesome entertainment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dachau Day 6...

We went to Dachau Concentration camp near Munich.
These are the bunks beds they slept in on straw mats.

The lockers

The bathroom

These were rows of barracks where they slept but all have been knocked down except I think one or two which the above pictures are from.

The crematorium where they gassed and then stacked the dead bodies and then burned them

Where they burned the bodies. This building had a very sad feeling about it.
The famous gate that says " Work makes you free"

I thought it was interesting how many students were here. In Germany ever student has to tour a concentration camp.
It was pouring rain which just added to the depressed feeling surrounding the camp.

After Dachau we drove to Fussen in Bavaria on the Austrian border near the Alps. We spent the evening going through the little shops in Fussen.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rothenburg day 5...

Mike and I started down the Romantic Road and stopped in Creglingen to check out this church, which was under construction, we could not take any pictures inside the church I got in trouble for using my flash in the church.

Rothenburg is the most well preserved town in Germany. This was by far the cutest German town we went to.

The wall that went all the way around the city. Back in the day the night watchman could walk around the top of the wall around the whole city.
a bridge over the moat around part of Rothernburg

Every bed we slept in was like this two separate mattresses and two blankets. The bed were always so hard but the blankets and pillows were so soft. I blew a fuse in the bathroom while trying to flat iron my hair, I felt so bad.

Our hotel in Rothenburg, we checked in at a little bar downstairs.
Chocolate Croissant Mmmm! I think I had a fresh croisannt everyday. They have a bakery on every corner in German.

At the Criminal museum I put Mike in stocks while I went shopping.

Cheneeball (sp?) Or snowball a deep fried pastry of some kind dipped in chocolate. They only makes these in Rothenburg and they were glorious.
For dinner we went to a German restraunt that just happened to be having english conversation night so almost everyone spoke English which was so nice for me. Mike meet an old man who was in world war 2 and fought with the Germans he showed him a bunch of old pictures. It was a fun night and the food was so good.

Wurzburg day 4...

The view of Wurzburg.

The entrance through one of the walls up to the fortress.

Mike trying to climb the outer wall to Marienburg fortress

More of the fortress

The view of Wurzburg from Marienburg Fortess

Marienburg bridge one of the tourist sights in Wurzburg

Marienburg Fortress castle

May pole in Wurzburg. A local told us the little towns all try to steal each others May poles and then to retrieve the pole back the town had to pay in wine, beer or locally grown food.

One of the many churches we toured

The Residence, where the arch bishop of Bavaria lived. We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside but it was amazing.

The gardens in the back of the residence

Mike was always talking about Doner Kebabs from his mission so of course we had them for dinner.

We even did a little shopping in Wurzburg, it was one of the bigger towns we went to beside Frankfurt. I found so many cute shops and of course H&M which I had to limit myself because I had no extra space in my suitcase.