Monday, June 28, 2010


I took the kids down to Dallas last week to go and Visit my sister Chauntel and her family. That weekend my other sister Kendall her twins and my mom flew in. We had a great time. We went swimming everyday. I didn't get a ton of pictures I didn't get any with the twins and my sisters and mom. It was so nice to go and spend time with family and relax! Kooper had so much fun he threw a huge fit at the airport when we had to leave, it was horrible.


Maddox had his first sucker on his Birthday

I forgot to upload the pictures from Maddoxs swim party, this was at the Rec Center in Sugar House

The last picture is of Koopers last day of swim lessons when he jumped off the high dive, which scared me more than him.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Maddox...

Annette made the cake, which was so yummy. Thanks Annette!

Birthday boy going at it.

We had pizza and cake at Mikes parents house and then we went to a rec center to swim.

After the cake Maddox had to be hosed down in the sink

All the sudden my baby doesn't really seem like a baby anymore. He is still not walking no matter how much we try to get him to do it. He will stand on his own and I have seen him take a couple steps so hopefully he will be running in no time. He loves to eat, seriously he will eat anything I give him. He only has four teeth, where Kooper had a mouth full when he was one. He says mama and dada, and uh-oh and he knows all the actions to pat-a-cake. He loves playing with Kooper and Kobe, they are always making him laugh.

Monday, June 7, 2010

So far in June we have...

Been to the skate park.
Went camping

and done swimming lessons.

This is what Maddox and I do to entertain ourselves during swimming lessons.