Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bear Lake...

Grandma and Grandpa DeRoest with the grandkids.

We stay in condos every year and I think maybe once we went swimming in the pool instead of the lake and this year Kooper loved the pool because it had a diving board and slide and he could do "Tricks".
Grandma Great, Grandma Annette, and Tara

Dad and Maddox

The biggest comment I hear people say about my boys is they are so tan, everyone tells me what a great complexion they have. I would love to say they got that from me but of course they get everything from their dad.

The boys loved playing in the sand. Maddox did so good at the beach he didn't even eat that much sand just sat and played.
Kooper, cousin Caleb, and Maddox. Grandma loves to buy them all matching outfits!

This was the set up at Bear Lake we had a lot of stuff to pack up each evening.

We have been busy but really our lack of updates have been because of no internet the last month.

Last week we did our yearly Bear Lake trip with the DeRoest Family. We stayed a little longer this year and it was perfect, and the weather was just right. We played on the beach and on the floating Island in the water, rented wave runners, Jenna and I went to a play at Pickelville Playhouse. Kooper played with his cousin and extended family and Maddox practiced walking. he still prefers to crawl but walks a little more often.