Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aquarium of the pacific and Long Beach...

Picture overload, of our weekend in L.A. We loved taking the kids on vacation but it was not relaxing at all. We were reminded why we leave the kids with grandparents when we travel. We packed half our house, and the kids only took naps in the car so they were super happy most of the time(that was sarcasm). The weather was really cold most of the time, We should have packed our coats. On the bright side look at all the great pictures we have and fun memories of our family vacation.
shark tank

Feeding the birds

We could pet the sharks, stingrays, and jellyfish, as well as feed the birds. We watched a sea lion and seal show, pretty entertaining. Maddox has an obsession with Nemo right now so he loved the aquarium.


This was Kooper and Maddoxs favorite thing we did. Can you tell why?
I forgot my nice camera and I am so sad but at least I remembered a camera.


We love the Dodgers!

Memorial weekend in L.A.

Santa Monica Pier

Manhattan Beach, Kooper even tried boogie boarding until he fell in once and he was done.

The first day we went to Manhattan beach and to Santa Monica Pier that evening.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

T ball...

Finally (sigh)! After years of waiting Kooper can finally play T ball. Today was his first game and it was complete craziness, once again my kid is a stud. He has been playing since he could walk and loved every minute of it except maybe when he got hit in the eye by a foul ball.

He chased every ball and got it most of the time. Mike was helping in the outfield try to sort out the chaos and the coach mentioned our kid is a ball hog. Ha Ha I can live with that. Also, can I mention that I hope in the future we move to a city with nice baseball uniforms I am seriously disappointed in Cedars attire.

Poor Maddox wants to play SO bad and keeps trying to run on the field I spend more time entertaining him than actually watching. We had this same problem with soccer, and we are now counting down the years until he can play too. I forgot the flip(movies) but no worries you will all get to enjoy the awesomeness that is 5 year old T ball eventually.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Carnivals...scary or fun?

Maddox walked through the gate and dove head first into the water, got half way in before dad pulled him out and told him we were riding the boats not swimming. The carney told us he had never seen a kid do that before. Nice.

Cotton Candy= fun
Rides= fun
The look on your kids face while held in only by a bungee cord= fun
Moms look on her face while kid is held in only by a bungee cord= scary

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sad Day...

Because we had to leave our best vacation ever, trying already to figure when we can go back.
Our rental we were right next to the hot tub and reflection pool. Our place was right in front of our minivan rental
One of the places everyone went snorkeling, I sat on the beach and protected the beach gear.
The only picture I got of everyone. On our last day we all got a picture as our send off from Maui.
Best vacation ever, not sure if it was better than Germany just different.
While getting this pineapple I got a "Nice belly button" comment from an old man on a motorcycle. Weirdest compliment I have ever had but uh I'll take it. I think I should have given him back a "nice ear lobes" compliment so we were even.
I feel like you can't go to Hawaii and not get a flower in the hair picture.

Blake and Mike I think they saw a shark, Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Maui, Are you sick of it yet?

Snorkel Cruise to Molokini and Turtle Town

Lahaina our rental was about two blocks from downtown.

The biggest and best snowcones on the island.

Road to Hana...

I have never seen bamboo so we loved hiking through the bamboo forrest.
bamboo forrest
Black Rock Beach my favorite beach, so pretty.
Largest avacado I have ever seen.

Mike doing a little swimming at the waterfall.

Boulder jumping back to our waterfall, this was my favorite waterfall because we had so much fun getting to it.
The road to Hana has been my favorite day so far, we hiked to a few waterfalls and saw some amazing and beautiful places. The road was curvy a lot of people get sick on the drive but we stopped so often to hike we didn't have any problems getting sick. We stopped at a couple beaches and did a little boogie boarding. Mike swam in a waterfall , and did a little cliff jumping, and body surfing.