Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bear Lake...

Watching Kooper climb the coconut tree

Kooper had to pee a bunch on the drive to Bear Lake
We just returned from another year at Bear Lake. I didn't even take my camera to the lake this year so no beach photos. The weather was perfect, we laid on the beach, went for a bike ride, watched movies and just had a relaxing week. We also did our annual family pictures, I will post later after I make them look better. Can the summer please slow down it is going by way to fast I am not ready for school to start.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Kooper: I know what I am going to do today, I am going to clean my room.

Me: I think that is a great idea. Do you want some breakfast first.
Kooper: No I need to clean my room first... but mom what will you give me this time, last time you gave me a dollar.
Me:How about instead of one dollar I give you two quarters.

I am not sure if he was working me or I was working him I guess either way his room is clean.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


We have a rental car while our Camry is being repainted after Kooper took a rock to the paint. Since this car was bigger and nicer we decided to go camping. We are all dirty and exhausted and had a great time.
Calf Creek Falls hike was so long but worth the waterfall at the end.
Mike dreaming of Maui went for a swim to the waterfall.
We went camping at the Calf Creek, just outside of Escalante which is about 2.5 hours from Cedar City.

This is Peek-a-boo hike. I about had a heart attack we started the climb with the kids and decided it had too much water from all the rain and we had to back track it was sooo scary. Look at that nasty water, and Maddox just wanted down so he could swim.
The last hike we did was Spooky Gulch a fun little slot canyon Maddox and Kooper loved it. Dad and mom had to suck in a few places and squeeze through.