Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Koopers first day of Kindergarten, he did not want me to drive him to school he really wanted to ride the bus. He was so excited and two older boys from our neighborhood let him sit by them on the bus.

Maddox has been crying for 15 mins straight since he left, he keeps trying to get outside. I am not sure if he is sad Kooper left or because he wanted on the bus.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Picture dump...

Kooper is going to Fiddlers Elementary and he went to meet his new teacher today Mrs. Werber.
We went to Lagoon for Mike's 33rd Birthday.
A month ago Kendall was in Salt Lake and we made the trip to Provo to visit Jillian and her family.
I finally got around to dumping the pictures on the computer so it's a little random.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sneak peak ...

My little sister Jillian and her family. Sorry Jillian I got about two of your pictures edited tonight before my eyes were watering from being on the computer for hours.

My sister Kendall and her twins, I love love their outfits, if I still lived at home I would definitively steal that shirt.
I went home to Washington last week and took one candid photo, so the only thing I have to prove I was there are these pictures I took for my sisters.

Family Pictures...

I love Mike he's the best. He cooks for me (Mahi Mahi the other night, so good!), He cleans ( my whole house even the bathrooms), He takes care of my boys while I work. He turned 33 last week so I really can call him my old man!
Maddox will finally hold still (sorta) so I can get this gem of brotherly love.
Who loves the Lakers? We do, we do!

Best bud cousins
I finally was able to edit some pictures I have been waiting for Mike to buy me Photoshop elements, I got tired of waiting and used Picnik a free editing program which worked good enough for me.