Tuesday, November 22, 2011



Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I had BRAC analysis genetic testing done a couple weeks ago. It was testing to see if I have the Cancer gene. Everything came back normal. :)

I also had a mammogram last week and I will be going back in to have an ultrasound later this week. I am not worried it should all work out. I just like the comfort of know everything is fine. Not gonna to lie, it was a little emotional to have these test done. Glad it's over.

Friday, November 4, 2011


Rochelle's husband Ryan, and her kids Cole (13), Kamden (9), Carter (6)
This was our last sister's picture

This picture of my sisters seems too small, I can tell we are missing one.

I have done a lot of blogging on my sister Rochelle's cancer blog but I have not shared on my blog my journey the last few weeks. I am sure most of you have followed Rochelle's blog but if not I will catch you up.

Rochelle my oldest sister, has been battling stage four breast cancer for 4 years. This past year she has been in the hospital a lot, in October she was in the hospital for 11 days before she and her husband decided on hospice so she could go home. I flew to Washington to be with my sister and my family that weekend. I feel so blessed that my sister Chauntel and I were able to stay at Rochelle's house, for the next ten days I helped take care of Rochelle's kids, cleaned her house, and helped her husband Ryan take care of Rochelle. I am glad I returned to Washington when I did Rochelle was still able to recognize me slowly over the next ten days I watched her grow weaker and weaker. I had so many amazing experiences that week I am so grateful to Ryan for letting me be a part of that time.
Most of that week my family would come over and we would all hangout in Rochelle's room. I learned so much about Rochelle that week from all the messages on her blog and Facebook. I feel sadness for her Husband and three kids, but I feel peace that Rochelle is not suffering and in no more pain. She will be missed whenever our family gets together, she was the one who brought yummy desserts, who helped clean up when everyone else sat around in a food coma. Rochelle is the one who even on chemo was out playing baseball with Kooper and her boys. When I came to town she was always over visiting no matter how busy she was, or how tired she was, she always made me feel special and loved. I love that I never doubted how Rochelle felt about any situation, she would just tell it how it is. She was a great example and she can be proud of her 36 years she had on this earth.
Rochelle's passed away on October 24th at 11:45pm. This was her daughter Kamden's 9th birthday, this is a special day they will both share. October 24th is also our 8th Anniversary, this is a special day I will always remember.
Rochelle's Funeral was last weekend, all her family wore pink, all the 5 sisters wore matching pink breast cancer shirts. At the grave site we released pink balloons, it was a beautiful sight and great memory we will all have. I also had the opportunity to write Rochelle's obituary, something no one ever wants to do but I felt grateful to be the one to do it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

School Pictures

Funny Story, A few weeks ago I had to go to Kooper's school and get my picture taken for a badge to wear while I am volunteering in his class. I got my badge today and a huge package of school pictures the teacher said the photographers must have been confused on what they were doing. So funny, so I have four sheets of a million school pictures apparently I look like an elementary student. Also in my school picture package was a smile safe card for if I ever get lost Mike just needs to show this to local law enforcement, so they can find me.