Friday, June 22, 2012

Maui 2012

 I may have made Mike take a picture of all my outfits (Don't mock me)

 Honolua Bay

 Olivine Pools
 Haleakala Crater

 Above the clouds
 Our fist hike and favorite one last year had no waterfall at the end this year. Lame

 Chings pond Mike jumping from the top where all the local boys jump. a tour bus stopped to watch him jump, no pressure. 
 My fav hidden waterfall we had to hike to.  We had a hard time finding it but when we did it was worth it. 
 Black Sand Beach

 Seven Sacred Pools

 We ended up using our I phones for most pictures except on the Road to Hana. We had so much fun we are trying to figure out how we can move here.